Gwen Avalon

Level I Tantrika

Gwen Avalon

Gwen Avalon

I am excited to take the leap into this nourishing, activating and loving bodywork at the Temple of Bliss as I  am extremely curious to step into a new adventure of creating a more body-based emotional liberation for others.

I have already started to reflect and embody my gift of empathetic touch and empowering movement more and more. Spirituality and energetic work has always been an effective and profound part of my life. I have been able to deepen the wisdom passed on to me by others, through several events and connections in the conscious communities. The energy flows.

Let us step out of space and time and Return to Avalon. The magic is here.

Gwen Avalon

Gwen AvalonGwen Avalon

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Gwen Avalon01-27-2019*ASB*10

I have seen Gwen several times and she is a goddess of perfection. She is charming. I had a very loving and soothing session with her. She always immerses herself in the session and puts you in the center of her universe. I will like to see her again and again because her session was so relaxing and she eased every pain and stress out of my body. And by the way she is stunning and a beautiful young woman. Thank you Gwen.

Gwen Avalon01-03-2019*Mene*10

One of the most incredible souls. She makes you feel instantly at ease. If you are having a stressful day I can assure you Gwen will easily silence your mind. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Gwen Avalon11-23-2018*AM*10

“If i could only have one session in an entire lifetime, it would be with Gwen. If I could have a thousand such sessions, they all would be with Gwen. Her beauty takes your breath away. And her calm peaceful loving nature brings a sense of serenity and tranquility. As the intensity eventually brings its energy, you will see and experience heaven on earth. Gwen is precious, one in a million. There is one word that sums it all up so well: Perfection. Sheer perfection.”

Gwen Avalon11-21-2018*QL*10

Gwen’s massage was a solid medium-strong pressure, a perfect pace (not too slow-not too fast) and a good blend of therapeutic touch and bliss trance. Being a newer dakini to the Temple does not get transmitted in session. Her hands feel confident.❤️ - Queen Love

Gwen Avalon09-09-2018*TTe*10

I’ve found it interesting that no two people can touch another person and have it feel the same. The reason for that is in the energy that possesses on his/ her fingertips.
Gwen has that amazing talent. Her touch did not feel like any other touch that I have ever experienced. She is beautiful, she is sweet and oh super nice and talented. I highly recommend Gwen. Nirvana is as close as it gets.

Gwen Avalon08-28-2018*BDY*10

I saw Gwen about a week ago. I have been to ToB many times but this was my first session with Gwen. I had setup a 2 hour tantric session. As I entered, I immediately noticed she is absolutely beautiful. She radiates an amazingly calming and soothing energy. I have been reminiscing about my session with her all week. We had a divine tantric breathing session with our body movements and breathing fully synchronized. The massage was nothing sort of magic; loving and nurturing touch with right amount of pressure all over the body. Will certainly see her again.

Gwen Avalon

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