Level II Tantrika



In perfect love and in a place out of linear time we will dance on the edge of ecstatic playful connection and explore the power of honoring your divinity in a myriad of ways.

Welcome Divine Seekers, I’m so glad you joined me for this magical journey into touch, sound and transformational tantric love therapy.

As I have moved through my life reflecting and embodying my gift of empathetic touch, deep listening and therapeutic movement, Im so excited you have joined me in choosing to nourish your soul with the complete release of any and all stagnant and unfulfilled energy in your heart body and mind.

Taste the divine healing that awaits.

My Tantric Bodywork Sessions will create a safe and loving container for you to unfold into. Through my intuitive touch the outside world and any stress will fade as you relax fully into the potency of this healing session. Surrender and let go, you deserve the healing and connection you have come here to find. I bring the bliss of  vulnerability and truly “being seen” to each one of my sessions. Charge your senses and melt into divine bliss.

I love working with Couples and as a certified life coach I enjoy bridging the elements of play, intuition, voiceless communication and divine love into each one of my sessions. Having worked with couples of every length, allow me to facilitate a deepening of divine love for you and your partner.

Relax completely into my Sacred Cleansing Bath Rituals (needs 24 hour prep)                    These custom bath rituals are curated to each session with crystal essence, essential oil infusions, honeys and flowers. Give yourself the sacred gift of slowing down and melting into the magical waters of this offering.

As the energy flows.

Let us step out of space and time and return to our truest nature..

The magic is here. Awaiting your willingness to receive.

In Love.

Gwen Avalon


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Special human beings are hard to find these days in the world we live in. Gwen is one spectacular soul and and amazing woman. So beautiful that words are hard to find, with a unique touch, magic inner temple, that makes you feel very confortable and in-tune with the experience, right there in the moment.
Excelence, category and class, and most important, ithe session was naturally fun. Thank you so much beautiful Gwen, look forward to see you again.


Feb 19th, 2020

Even more striking in person than in her pictures. (If that’s possible!) I have rarely had the privilege of being in the presence of such a transformative and beguiling human. Her ease and cheery demeanor is coupled with a quick mind and wisdom that created a moment of true healing and beauty. I will always be grateful.


Feb 4th, 2020

Feel so fortunate to have spent time with Gwen. The session itself was exactly what I needed, which is really more than one could hope for and far more than enough. But, even more (and even better), Gwen and her session kind of carried me for a bit.
Something I really needed without knowing it.
Very funny. Very cool. Just really lovely (inside and out).


Jan 16th, 2020

I love seeing Gwen and I'll keep going back -- she's sweet, soft, and spiritual all in one slim small package that's a delight to observe. The girls here are all good -- she's one of the best!



Aug 26th, 2019

I had the best experience of my life with Gwen. She is phenomenal, and one of the most beautiful and sweetest people I’ve ever met. I left her presence completely transformed.
Thank you so much Gwen! Will definitely return.



Aug 17th, 2019

Really sweet girl. We always have a great connection. Thanks for a great session.



Jun 17th, 2019

I have seen Gwen several times and she is a goddess of perfection. She is charming. I had a very loving and soothing session with her. She always immerses herself in the session and puts you in the center of her universe. I will like to see her again and again because her session was so relaxing and she eased every pain and stress out of my body. And by the way she is stunning and a beautiful young woman. Thank you Gwen.


Jan 27th, 2019

One of the most incredible souls. She makes you feel instantly at ease. If you are having a stressful day I can assure you Gwen will easily silence your mind. I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Jan 3rd, 2019

“If i could only have one session in an entire lifetime, it would be with Gwen. If I could have a thousand such sessions, they all would be with Gwen. Her beauty takes your breath away. And her calm peaceful loving nature brings a sense of serenity and tranquility. As the intensity eventually brings its energy, you will see and experience heaven on earth. Gwen is precious, one in a million. There is one word that sums it all up so well: Perfection. Sheer perfection.”


Nov 23rd, 2018

Gwen’s massage was a solid medium-strong pressure, a perfect pace (not too slow-not too fast) and a good blend of therapeutic touch and bliss trance. Being a newer dakini to the Temple does not get transmitted in session. Her hands feel confident.❤️ - Queen Love


Nov 21st, 2018

I’ve found it interesting that no two people can touch another person and have it feel the same. The reason for that is in the energy that possesses on his/ her fingertips.
Gwen has that amazing talent. Her touch did not feel like any other touch that I have ever experienced. She is beautiful, she is sweet and oh super nice and talented. I highly recommend Gwen. Nirvana is as close as it gets.


Sep 9th, 2018

I saw Gwen about a week ago. I have been to ToB many times but this was my first session with Gwen. I had setup a 2 hour tantric session. As I entered, I immediately noticed she is absolutely beautiful. She radiates an amazingly calming and soothing energy. I have been reminiscing about my session with her all week. We had a divine tantric breathing session with our body movements and breathing fully synchronized. The massage was nothing sort of magic; loving and nurturing touch with right amount of pressure all over the body. Will certainly see her again.


Aug 28th, 2018


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