Gigi Genevieve

Level II Tantrika

Returning Dakini Invites you to indulge and awaken your senses

Gigi Genevieve

established temple Dakini specializing in tantra bond

Gigi Genevieve

Holy Lovers of Being,

I bow before the precious beauty of Sacred Light that is uniquely manifesting through you. You are a cathedral of many mirrors, containing the artistry of many lifetimes.
In loving devotion to the Beloved Sun that illuminates this play of existence, I will adorn the divine consciousness dancing through our bodies with the guidance of breath & my feminine essence.

Here we are, "Remembering Union"... as I welcome you home, with all my warmth, fully into this gift of a Temple sanctuary where one can dissolve and awaken from the illusion of separation.

I invite you to surrender yourself into the deepest and most exalted embodiment of what it means to be truly transparent, where all thats left to expose is the radiance of Love's presence. Let us be immersed together in the kaleidoscope of gorgeous grace flowing and transforming from the source of creation, drenching our experience in the ecstatic beauty of the Fountains of Bliss.


Gigi Genevieve

I am frequently told how comfortable it is to be in my presence & “that was the best session ever." My favorite comment as of late is "You are a precious gem, I can't believe I've finally found someone like you."

Tantra, Tantra-Bond & Couples

Trained in tantra by Queen Love working together in Los Angeles .

Also took a course in tantra with Cassie Rose at the La temple in Hollywood .

I am trained in reiki one by Lara who used to be at the nyc temple and now lives in Woodstock .

Trained throughly in massage / healing by Paul Gillard who is well established  in Brooklyn.

Took a hands of light workshop by Barbara Brennan in nyc .

Years of experience at the temple in tantra and body of bliss and hands on experience.

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Gigi Genevieve

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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Gigi Genevieve11-03-2019*Mi*10

Gigi was great. She put me in a wonderful mood before we even started the session. She’s easy to talk to and put me in a peaceful mindset, which made the whole session so much more enjoyable. I was experiencing some anxiety and stress from work and it all melted away and carried on through the next day as well. Very therapeutic experience and will be back for another session with Gigi. If you are lucky enough to catch her on the west coast, I would strongly advise seeing her.

Gigi Genevieve06-04-2019*KmK*10

Gigi was kind, compassionate, and sensitive and especially considerate with this being my first session in tantric bodywork. In my hour and a half with her, she sourced the sacred goddess and I was swept away in her loving energy. Through her strong but gentle touch and extraordinary presence, she eased my body of stress and tension and brought healing to old chakra wounds from when I was young, freeing my kundalini. As enchanting as my session was with her, I’ve been even more surprised how my time with her has changed my daily life. I feel so much alive, aware, and present. I thank her so much for her healing grace and presence.

Gigi Genevieve06-21-2017ReavisLa809

I had to come back and see her again. I keep coming back , she is sweet and hot as hell.

Gigi Genevieve05-15-2017PeterGrey7910

Gigi is the bomb. Out of this world.

Gigi Genevieve03-10-2017Johnjohnsf10

She is sexiest woman I have ever met. amazing.

Gigi Genevieve02-17-2017hugh8310

Out if this world experience. Gigi is a super fox.

Gigi Genevieve09-13-2015chrislove8810

Hot Nordic beauty! Sensual Blast

Gigi Genevieve05-06-2015Steveny739

Goddess of all goddesses

Gigi Genevieve02-04-2015MarkBB10

Gigi is in a class of her own. She is witty, creative and and amazing. Everytime I'm in NYC I visit her. I feel lucky to know such a gem.

Gigi Genevieve09-15-2014George8810

At the end os session I was so entranced that I could hardly move. I have never felt that way before, this woman has powers beyond belief.

Gigi Genevieve08-18-2014LeeLee10

Gigi just gets more and more beautiful. If you like tall sexy bondles with a drop dead gourgous body and face, See Gigi.

Gigi Genevieve07-12-2014JaredL9

A NYC experience not to be missed, it made my trip well worth it.

Gigi Genevieve01-10-2014Mark9

My mind was simply blown.

Gigi Genevieve12-29-2013*AlB*10

Beautiful looks, like model, tall. She is a very nice and warm lady, and her temple is first class ever.

Gigi Genevieve07-29-2011sam739

I was glad I went!

Gigi Genevieve04-04-2010rptor9

Beautiful woman, fun time.

Gigi Genevieve03-16-2010bioengineered10

Doubles Bliss session was way, way more incredible than I thought it could be

Gigi Genevieve02-04-2010jerkstore10

Light and love radiate from her like the energy from the sun….

Gigi Genevieve01-23-2010rarAvis10

Can’t wait for her to get back. She provides a wonderful and healing session.

Gigi Genevieve01-01-2010Orcman9.5

She was amazing, can’t wait to see her again

Gigi Genevieve12-19-2009Smguy8.5

Sweet Woman with Great Personality

Gigi Genevieve09-25-2009schrodingerscat10

Absolute Perfection

Gigi Genevieve07-18-2009marinite9.5

Very lovely with a nice smile and very good service

Gigi Genevieve06-10-2009thenewt9

A star is found!

Gigi Genevieve

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