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♥Life, Shadow and Intimacy Coach, Gianna has spent the past 10 years mastering the navigation of internal worlds. As a life-long teacher and student, she strives to accept, understand, and aid the healing of the human conditions that can cause suffering and inhibit joy and pleasure.

These are the internal voices we have each heard speak in different ways. Some voices are louder than others and say, “I’m unlovable,” “I’m not enough” and “I’m unworthy. Through recycling her own pain into fuel to uplift and move her forward she has gained a unique ability to guide others, revealing them to their innate power to truly transform; enabling new neural pathways, thought patterns and behaviors to emerge.

She leverages a combination of tools and shamanic processes tailored to individual needs, intentions and goals that optimize the alchemy of what no longer serves us & to attain the inherent discovery of the boundless bliss of being.

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In addition to being very beautiful, it becomes apparently immediately that Gianna has a good soul. She makes you feel very comfortable and warm. She also gives an amazing massage that will make your muscles and joints feel great. At the end of the session, I felt grounded, relaxed, happy, and stress free. I can't wait to schedule another session with her!


Oct 18th, 2020

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