Gaia Eden

Level II Tantrika

I am so happy to find you here in this sweet cocoon of transformation.  Now is the perfect time to..... Tap into a blissful state of being, strengthen your inner power & let go of what no longer serves you. 

Gaia Eden

*Please do inquire about my special offerings and how they may be incorporated into your sessions. Customize individual sessions or book a series of sessions to help you create a solid practice.

Gaia Eden

Greetings Sacred Souls,

My name is Gaia and I am an intuitive healer and guide. I can help you experience sublime bliss as we incorporate: breath work, sacred rhythm, crystals, sound healing, chakra clearing and touch. I am loving and warm. I am here to help you grow.
Available to Men, Women & Couples.
Kundalini Bliss Session
Relax your body, and open your heart. This session is the perfect way to tap into a blissful state of being. Surrender to the moment as I realign your energies, nurture you, and bring you to bliss on a cellular level.
Tantric Bodywork
Kundalini Bliss meets exhilarating adventure. This session goes even deeper as we incorporate magical techniques that will translate into your everyday life. This session is all about connection, and honoring the divine. Prepare to emerge empowered and blissed out.
Connect with your partner and strengthen your bond. Experience techniques that encourage communication without words and that fosters a playful and open dynamic. I’ve worked with brand new couples to those who have been married for over 35 years. I’m honored to be your guide.
Besides the above offerings, we can also focus upon womb massage and other techniques that encourage healing and empowerment specific to the feminine experience. These sessions are celestial.
Cleansing Baños
Channeling the cleansing rituals of my ancestors, I will prepare for you a sacred bath intended to purify your aura and soothe your spirit. Magical ingredients like flowers, honey and your intentions will surely create a cleansing in your world. Begin or end your session with this ritual. Must book in advance and only available at select Temple locations.
Extended Journeys
Allow me to be your guide throughout a day of relaxation, reflection and laughter. We may visit a museum, reflect at the spa, or take a lovely walk for example. Our journey would then round out with sacred bodywork.
I look forward to the day.
in Holy Love,
Gaia Eden

Tantra Yoga Therapist, Energy Bodyworker, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Life & Love Coach. *5 plus years experience.

*3 years Temple experience. 

Additionally, I specialize in what I call “Healing through the Home” via: Interior Design, Color Therapy, Feng Shui and clearing the clutter in both the physical and spiritual realm. *10 years experience.

(letter below portrays why I love being here as a dakini, available to all on their path to wholeness & embodiment)

Good morning Gaia Eden,
I last got in contact with you in February or March. I just wanted reach out and let you know how I’m doing these days.
Your gift of providing a loving space and moment for me last year was and is precious to me. The months before seeing you were trying and brutal. In hindsight, I believe I was closer to death than I realized at the time. This time last year, I was emaciated, without hair and almost ready to give up taking chemo; to let the cancer do whatever it was going to do to me. I was struggling that much.
You were a part of my restorative process to returning to myself. When you saw me, I was on my way, but far from a full return. You helped heal me and feel something good in my body for a change. I thank you so much for that and is a big reason why I search for you when I know I’m headed to NYC.
It’s a year later from one of the low points of my life. I am in a much better place. I have control of my body and mind once again. I can do things I took for granted before chemo stripped me of them.
I have no immediate concrete plans to visit NYC in the near future. I’m not even sure you are in NYC these days. Nevertheless, it was on my spirit to write to you and tell you all of this.
Thank you for your beautiful, caring, intimate and blissful role. It was the first time and I hope not the last. But if it’s to be only time, it was a lasting time for me.
I hope you are well and sharing that welcoming and healing spirit of yours with the world, and that it is received fully as it should be.
Much love and gratitude,
June 7, 2018

Gaia EdenGaia Eden

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Therapist Date Temple Nickname Experience Comment
Gaia Eden 09-09-2018 *Ad2* 10

The best at this temple. Personality, Energy , beauty... just mind blowing.

Gaia Eden 10-18-2017 *QL* 10

I received a one hour + 15 minute loving & nurturing massage from Gaia last night... Sweet, relaxing, nurturing, slow moves, tender, trance-inducing bliss. She's a Magical Gem. ~ Queen Love

Gaia Eden 09-27-2017 *Bir* 10

Saw Gaia when she was in LA and she was spectacular!! Saw her last year a couple of times and this year once. She has a beautiful heart and a kind soul!! She knows exactly how to make someone relax. Honestly, she is the best massage I've ever had. Please please come to LA more often!!!

Gaia Eden 05-14-2017 *Wock* 10

Gaia was a true Tantra practitioner. Her dedication to the craft was exemplary throughout the session and I left feeling reinvigorated and reengaged. Her soft touch coupled with her soothing voice will never be forgotten. She is an absolute angel and I wish I could see her more often.

Gaia Eden 08-29-2016 *Gats* 10

Gaia is absolutely amazing. I left feeling incredibly relaxed and had such a wonderful time. I have seen her three times now.

Gaia Eden 08-04-2016 *bfy* 10

Gaia is so attractive on the outside. However, so much more important is the deepest beauty of her inner soul. It radiates. Thank you Gaia for encouraging me in my own journey "to gift back" to myself. All blessings to you!

Gaia Eden 07-05-2016 *JE* 10

This Godess is amazing- I get lots of massages and this was a total different level Tantra- some things can be taught, learned, practiced, but she is born with the touch and ability to make you feel amazing. The best Tantra massage yet- next level- just try her out and let her do what she wants to do and you will thank me later.

Gaia Eden 06-22-2016 EJ 10

My session with Gaia was incredible! From her soothing and gentle voice when she greets you, all the way through, till the warm hug she leaves you with. She is an exquisite therapist, her touch was amazing and she left me feeling rejuvenated. After my session with Gaia I felt so good that I just wanted to stay laying down and not even move. I will definitely see her again. I already can't wait any longer!

Gaia Eden 06-04-2016 *SS* 10

"Goddess Gaia"... this woman weaves white hot magic with her touch, energy, voice and nurturing presence. As a woman, I sometimes feel self-conscious and shut down in my body when I am not feeling 100% in a fit-form. There is a subtle contraction that occurs within me. In my Therapeutic Spa Massage session with Gaia today, I felt myself expanding again, awakening from the inner cocoon of a flower, to truly feel embodied in my beauty. Honestly, how nice is that? - To feel alive in one's own beauty? This was a therapeutic massage and yet I definitely felt all my senses alive. Her touch is not a "deep tissue" style, but a very nourishing one which completely rebooted my system. Thanks Gaia! ~Shivakti

Gaia Eden 06-01-2016 *GloTro* 10

From the moment she welcomed me at the door, Gaia made a deep impact on me as a genuine, sensual and very warm person. When she turn around and started walking to the room, her walk had the grace of a dancer. Her figure reminded me of a belly dancer. An hour spent with Gaia was not enough. I had to empty my pocket to spend more time with her. Gaia by far is one of the best Tantrikas at the Temple I have worked with. Highly recommended.

Gaia Eden 05-06-2016 *SaU* 10

Great goddess energy and beautiful. Very skilled and knowledgeable. A++

Gaia Eden 04-12-2016 *Ti* 10

Gaia was warm and exquisite. I really enjoyed my session and felt amazing for hours!

Gaia EdenGaia Eden

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