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I am here for those who choose to live in the heart of Love. I am here to tantalize your senses, and expand your consciousness to new heights. I am the embodiment of pure wild & divine yogini energy.
I am an artist and musician, naturally creative, playful, and soulful. I have been a professional singer all my life, and if inspired or desired, my session will include  toning and singing. With my voice I masterfully create vibratory healing waves through your body, eliminating any stuck energy. I have an extensive background in music, sound healing, and vocal expression therapy. If you love the healing sound of soulful song, I am the dakini you want to see!
I naturally tune into your needs, and it is safe to fully express yourself with me. It is my pleasure to free you of all that is weighing you down.
All sessions with me include an infusion of healing intentional energy, that flows through you from head to toe. I am able to do deeper massage work if needed, and I love using my body weight in creative ways to meet your needs, as we breathe deeply together.
After a healing experience with me you will feel light, renewed, and leave in a cocoon of sweet & charged energy.
Are you ready for creative, expressive, "Love Soul Therapy?”
Allow me to stretch you out of your comfort zone and open to your true potential. Be the truest vibrant you!
Looking forward to seeing you in the Holy Playgrounds of the Temple,
Elyse Deva


Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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I had the pleasure of spending time with Elyse while visiting Manhattan/Brooklyn for the weekend. She is a caring, fun, melodic, and a beautiful being. Through some wonderfully genuine and authentic conversation, we shared a playfully strong and positive energy while Elyse guided me through one of the best tantric experiences I’ve ever had. I walked away feeling energized, loved, and light in spirit. If you have the opportunity to spend time with Elyse, treat yourself.


A phenomenal experience. She is a healer and soother. A real gem!


I've met several of the Dakini's over the years and so many are amazing. My session with Elyse was no exception. Her loving healing touch was exactly what i needed to reset my energy. I also resonated with the sounds that she channeled during the session. I recommend a session with her and look forward to the next opportunity to see her.


I had a wonderful opportunity to meet Elyse this week. I had a lot of emotional pain in my heart chakra and solar plexus before the session. The session with Elyse was exactly what I needed to heal myself within. She has a miraculously healing touch and I felt my body melting during the session. Also, she has an amazingly healing voice and creates healing sounds during the session to eradicate negative energy and enhance healing. I would recommend Elyse to anyone looking to heal from within and enjoy a blissful time at the same time.

Elyse04-30-2019Queen Love

"I am excited and honored that such a bright beacon, an embodied Priestess of wide-ranging talents has joined our Temple Collective. Elyse is a natural healer, lover of life, soulful singing muse. She is as funny as she is deep, irreverent to "spiritual trappings" as she is profoundly sacred. Catch her while you can!" -Queen Love


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