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"I am excited and honored that such a bright beacon, an embodied Priestess of wide-ranging talents has joined our Temple Collective. Prema is a natural healer, lover of life, soulful singing muse. She is as funny as she is deep, irreverent to "spiritual trappings" as she is profoundly sacred. Catch her while you can!" -Queen Love


Allow me to stretch you out of your comfort zone and open to your true potential!

I am here for those who choose to live in the heart of Love. I am here to tantalize your senses, and expand your consciousness to new heights. I am the embodiment of pure wild & divine yogini energy.

I invite you to follow me, and get lost on a journey to the deep flowing waters of bliss. Allow our breath to become one, our bodies to become one. As we float away, the senses awaken in pure bliss. Something beautiful happens in this exquisite, open, innocent state. Healing takes place. Emotional, and physical changes take place in such a love intoxicated state. I naturally tune into your needs, and it is my pleasure to free you of all that is weighing you down.

All sessions with me include an infusion of healing intentional energy, that flows through you head to toe. After a healing experience with me you will feel light, renewed, and leave in a cocoon of sweet & charged energy. Be the truest vibrant you!

I invite those to open to their inner playful being, those who feel trapped and are ready to tap in to the best & blessed parts of themselves... Are you ready for creative, expressive, "Love Soul Therapy?"


Looking forward to seeing you in the Holy Playgrounds of the Temple,

Elyse Deva


What else they say about me....

Elyse is an eclectic singer / songwriter with a sultry, soulful voice that embodies a modern approach to soul, blues, R&B and jazz. Similar to artists like Amy Winehouse & Adele, Elyse takes the best of that classic vintage sound and combines it with soulful, bluesy melodies paired with positive & empowering lyrics. She likes to call this style “Singin’ the Purples” as in: a higher consciousness version of the blues. Elyse is a multi-faceted talent whose skills as performer include Improvisation, MC’ing, hoop dance, DJ’ing, Dance, and guitar.


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