Elle Sita

Level I Tantrika

Elle Sita

Elle Sita

Hello, I am Elle Sita... Yogini, Healer and a vessel of divine energy.

It would be an honor to be your Temple Holy Love’s guide. I invite you to breathe me in as the wine of the soul, and the food of the heart, here to nourish you. I aim to be a source of joy and pure bliss!

I welcome you to awaken through loving healing touch, and surrender to the divine femininity.

It is my passion to bring joy and pleasure, comfort and ease, love and affection into the lives of my clients.

Immensely grateful,
Blessed be

Elle Sita

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Elle SitaElle Sita

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Elle’s was good...... IT WAS AMAZING!! She is a great dakini. Very comfortable experience and I highly recommend anyone looking to get grounded and relaxed you must book Elle!


Oct 21st, 2020

It just calms the mind to know someone like Elle exists. I came in with battered nerves & left a transformed person (and the most calm polite driver in LA traffic). She was welcoming, funny, generous, gorgeous in looks and sweet in personality. What a soothing presence, I felt totally the center of her attention. She even reminded me to thank myself, for taking care of myself and deciding to come in. Reveling in the afterglow of time spent with this lovely healer!


Oct 19th, 2020

Elle is unreal. She knows exactly what to do and say. She took the tension in my body and totally calmed it, leaving me feeling completely free.


Feb 8th, 2020

Simply one of the best massages I have ever had in my entire life. Elle has a gentle touch and a gorgeous smile that will lull you into pure relaxation.



Jul 31st, 2019

I melted the moment I walked in. She made me feel warm and comfortable. She legitimately cared about my day and my needs and it showed. Her smile is infectious and warm, her care is soft and tranquil and she left me wanting to stay longer. I come for the energy of the temple and Elle exemplifies all that.


Jul 1st, 2019

Fantastic is a word that comes to mind, but it does not justice to the experience. Elle is enchanting. Her presence will put you on the moon. She works hard to make the experience about you. She never waivers from her mission. When we began, I was in n pain. After one hour with her, I felt so much better. Do not miss a chance to see her. I plan to see her again soon. Did I mention that she is drop dead beautiful? That didn't detract from the experience. Thank you Elle.


May 12th, 2019

Elle SitaElle Sita

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