Ella Grace

Level I Tantrika

Bliss, Tantra and Tantra Ties

Ella Grace

Ella Grace

Thank you for meeting me here.  I am a new Temple healer, using loving intention, Bliss massage, and Tantric touch.

Tantra is not something outside of you. Tantra is what you are at your very core. I’m here to help you unlock it.

Let’s explore together how to uncover your bliss, removing layers of heaviness, confusion and every day muck, to be replaced by your most authentic nature.

Every session is a unique journey and I am here to honor your unique expression, guided by the higher energies channeled through me. I love this new adventure!

It is my offering to help you surrender into the nurturance of spiritual love and feel your energy levels being lifted, being more optimistic, more clear and more real about who you are.

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Ella Grace

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Honestly, I don't know what was better, the massage or her energy and personality. And I don't say that to undervalue the massage. Ella was so bubbly and amazing to vibe with, the massage was almost secondary. She is the type of energy that you can just hang out with and feel at ease and relaxed. But then the massage, a million stars if possible! Thanks again Ella!


Aug 30th, 2020

I am still melting after my session yesterday. Ella has intuition and strength unlike I’ve experienced in some time. She moves with purpose and glides across all the senses. She’s beautiful and has a bright spirit and delightful personality. Everything about her is a gift and rarity. I would definitely see her again. Her hands will take you to another dimension.


Aug 6th, 2020

My session with Ella was absolutely phenomenal. She radiates gentleness, kindness, love and strength from the second you meet her and all throughout the session. She is highly skilled and caring in her approach.I never leave feedback but she was just out of this world !! Highly recommended enjoy


Aug 6th, 2020

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