Durga Devi

Level I Tantrika

Experienced Massage & Tantra Yoga Therapist

Durga Devi

English is my second language...

English is my second language, so please be patient and slow with me in your inquiries.

Yet, in our sessions together,

I invite you to allow me to touch you beyond words...

where our souls meet in a loving gaze and our breath is the wind touching the dancing flame.

I will touch you as the Sun shines upon the earth's flowers, encouraging them to bloom.

I will touch you as a radiant fountain flowing with healing love, care and devotion just for you.

I will touch you as a poet's pen to paper, an artist's brush to canvas, as love touches the lover's heart.

I will touch you as Divine Grace touches its devotee or Rivers touch her beloved Sea.

I will touch you deep within the memory

that we are forever one and not separate in Holy Love.

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Durga DeviDurga Devi

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Durga Devi

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