Level II Tantrika





Greetings Beautiful Beings,

I welcome you to our temple of enchantment.  I am here to be your priestess of loving beauty and guide you into empowerment and healing bliss.  Sweetly, with care, tenderness and expertise, I invite your opening heart and awakening mind to dive deep into the mysteries of your soul and body through bliss and freedom to express.

I offer you my deep listening and gentle guidance towards meeting your desired intentions.

Intuitive, and powerfully perceptive of energies and trauma, I tap into your troubles and makes them float away, in an unforgettable tangible, all encompassing healing experience. Welcome to your dream come true. 

⁃ Plant Medicine Retreat with Sonny Solwind, Ojai, CA.
⁃ Masters Degree in Communication Studies.
⁃ Performance Communication 4 years.
⁃ Landmark Forum, 4 years.
⁃ Massage Therapy, Specializing in Deep Tissue and Thai Massage.
⁃ Bliss Relaxation Massage 2+ years.
⁃ Yoga practice 7 years,⁃ Tantra-Ties & TantraBond 2+ years.

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Dream is an incredible Dakini. She has such lovely and intuitive manner that got right at my body pains and stress. I left completely renewed.


Aug 29th, 2020

Dream is absolutely incredible!!!! From a warm and heartfelt welcome to genuine concern of me having an amazing experience. Phenomenal massage and stretching. For real kindness and helping to reinvigorate my soul a never ending gratitude!!!! Best experience I have ever had. Dream is an amazing soul!!!!!


Jul 31st, 2020

Unbelievable experience. Dream has an obvious talent for working out the most tense muscles in your body and all the while she makes you feel safe in her hands. The atmosphere and openness of the session was amazing. She is outstanding.


Jul 31st, 2020

One of the best sessions I have ever had. Dream is the real deal. Her technique is outstanding, the experience so good! I will be seeing her again shortly. If she is in your area, you must see see her.


Jul 8th, 2020

This gorgeous woman has excellent massage skills on all levels. She’s strong, graceful, gorgeous, grounded and SOLID Bodywork. Definitely my new favourite.

*Queen Love*


Jul 4th, 2020

Really talented all around, a skill set that makes letting go and slipping into a dreamstate pretty easy.


Jun 27th, 2020

A true beauty from head to feet 🙂 I had an incredible session with Dream Astara Sunday evening. I tried not to bring along the baggage of my tough and distressing week (as I’m sure we all can relate to during these times) but the fact of the matter is, I was in a bad place mentally and emotionally all week. Really hoping for a pick me up.
From moment 1, Dream Astara’s beautiful smile and positivity picked my spirit up and kept it up. She’s a treasure inside and out. Really showed me a great time. Now I just can’t stop smiling 🙂
Long story short, I thank Dream Astara for bringing me some much needed joy during these trying times. I highly recommend!


Jun 21st, 2020

I have a chance to see Dream Astara today, I am so fortunate to meet her today, her massage is medium strong and her loving touch is out of this world. Her down under accent is very subtle to be heart. She is beautiful inside and out. I am rendered speechless.


Jun 11th, 2020

Amazing, relaxing experience with Dream.She is beautiful, kind, and skillful, and knows exactly what you need to have an unforgettable experience. 10/10 would recommend.


Jun 4th, 2020

dream was amazing. exceptionally warm, friendly, generous. highly recommended


Jun 4th, 2020

Dream is absolutely an experience of love and healing. Her love and compassion allows an unbelievable connection. Her passion is unmatched. I really recommend her and will be seeing her again. Thank you for such an amazing session Dream!


May 29th, 2020

Yesterday I had a promo double with Dream; a beautiful woman. between her and the phenominal Lucy Luv it was an intensely pleasureable session. Well worth giving up my bank pin #: Dream is new to the temple, gorgeous, and has a lovely voice for a girl from down under. Well worth the visit.


May 23rd, 2020


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