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All beings are connected through love. Every soul’s heart is connected to the One Heart.

I am here to help you realize your true potential and to energetically release that which does not serve you. We only have so much space in our bodies and we can either choose to fill it with love and light or negativity and darkness. While it is important to give thanks to darkness for helping us to appreciate the light, we must intentionally strive to be in a constant state of motion towards the light.

If you tune in you can feel an intense shift towards a more feminine energy on a cosmic level, and I am here to guide you towards that warm, glowing, light.

My goal is to shine love into all of the darkest corners of your being and to help energy move throughout all of your sacred chakras so that you leave the temple feeling more connected to yourself, others, and the universe.

Holy Love Always,


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What an awesome experience, Dharma was quick to make me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. She has a unique technique and touch and ability to raise the energy to next level. I will certainly be seeing her again. Can’t wait.


Apr 30th, 2022

I saw Dharma during her first session (doubles with Angelica) she was fantastic! She took clear direction from Angelica but also helped create a blissful atmosphere with her unique sensual touch!


Apr 5th, 2022

My session with Dharma was exhilarating. She has a natural talent for healing and a desire to make her clients happy. She's also gorgeous.


Apr 5th, 2022

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