Damara Yin

Damara Yin

"Damara" means “gentle” & is a sweet, peaceful, goddess who works to instill harmony within you.

Damara Yin

We live in a chaotic world -- cruise with me to a center of euphoric peace. Euphoria... and peace... that may sound like an oxymoron, but believe me, it's possible. As I guide you on a loving journey of tantric bliss, your body, mind, and spirit lift to new heights. I believe all forms of wellness can be connected back to loving and reverential care of the body ... allow me to lead you to expansion.

Body of Bliss Session
Tension melts away as you receive attuned and intuitive tantric bodywork, incorporating deep breathing, full body flow, and a gentle loving ambience. Enter a trancelike state of relaxation.

Tantric Ecstatic Session
Dive deeper into the divine... Receive the body-flow benefits of the bliss massage, with expanded tantric elements weaved throughout. I will guide you in this dynamic journey, pushing beyond the bounds of physical reality. Through a combination of tantra poses, electrifying movement, energetic alignment, and chakra tuning tailored to your intent, we rise to glimpse a piece of heaven on earth. Find yourself moving toward full expression, and feel fully embodied.

Tantra Ties & Tantalize
Relinquish all control and let me lead you on a sensational expedition, designed according to your desires. Drop into the body in a delightfully profound way via restraint and total surrender... Watch the stress (and maybe even existence...) of the outside world dissipate -- emerge feeling exhilarated and awakened.

Tantra initiation + 2 Tantra trainings with Queen Love, Participation in 2 Temple Workshops/Circles, Double Sessions with 5+ Temple Dakinis, 1.5 years Temple Dakini
Skilled in Meditation + Yoga + Chakra Balancing + Intuitive Energy Work

Currently taking a Tantra Training with Temple Tantra Teacher Luna Lauren.


Damara YinDamara Yin

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Damara Yin07-08-2018*ShaRa*10

Being w Damara is like spending time with an old friend - she makes you comfortable instantly and you can catch-up & drop-in within a few minutes. She is like a sponge that soaks up all your stress and leaves you feeling lighter - emotionally, spiritually and physically. And the best think of all is that she does it so effortlessly with that perennial sparkle in her eyes. Down to earth, affable with a heart of gold. She is a true hidden treasure of this city.

Damara Yin10-11-2017*Far*9

Damara was simply magical. She is gentle, sensitive, very 'here & now', and has a meditative aura about her. The whole session was pleasurable as it was energizing.

Damara Yin10-11-2017*MaNu*10

From the moment I entered till the moment I left the Temple. Damara's sole concern was my comfortability and bliss throughout the session. She is soft, sweet and genuine, but more importantly her expertise made for a transformative experience. Her every movement is purposeful and her gaze fills one with grace and peace. Damara Yin emits a healing light from the heart and elevates the world with a thousand arms of compassion. I left the Temple with my chakras properly aligned with rejuvenated energy.

Damara Yin06-20-2017*PeS*9

Slow, loving, beautiful - Damara looks amazing, has an intensely positive energy; warm and confident, the perfect balance of guidance, withholding, and offering. A sublime experience.

Damara Yin03-19-2017*BriNa*10

Tantric Bodywork session with Damara is both sensual and enlightening leaving you wanting more. Originally had a 60min session planned but after a few minutes of being in her presence her nurturing touch and words quickly had me extending my session to 90mins. She is breathtaking and her approach to the tantric process must be experienced by all seeking a memorable session. She is rather new, but her instincts and care are that of a seasoned Goddess. Will see her again soon, she's the best.

Damara Yin03-04-2017*QL*9

I received a Body of Bliss Massage tonight from Damara Yin (Lucky me as I received 3 massages today on my last day here in New York this trip). Damara is a highly attuned sensual creature. Her full flowing massage moves are sooooooooooo slow and tantalizing. The petals of the Lotus open slowly. To be a channel for "Quan Yin" is her gift... Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Kindness. I recommend for both men & women.

Damara Yin02-05-2017*ChCol*10

I had a double session today with Eve Dream and Damara Yin. It was one of the most magical experiences I've ever had. Honestly. These woman have a gift for empathy, for connection and for knowing exactly what your needs are. Their touches were individual and perfect. Their kindness knows no bounds. What a beautiful gift! To be able to alter someone's energy the way they do! Damara is a beautiful person. I was blessed to see her. I can't wait to see her again.

Damara YinDamara Yin

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