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Cleo Leleu

Slow Like Honey...

Cleo Leleu

I feel the ancient calling of my inner Tantric Priestess ready to share the sacred gifts of enchanting touch and the sweet transcendence of bliss massage. I desire to offer you a sacred container for divine awakening and deeper connection, something often missing in our lives, that's oh so nourishing. I invite you to arrive with no expectations except to relax and enjoy the gifts of my experience for you.

I'm a certified SOURCE TANTRA educator.
I've studied many modalities of massage and it is a big part of my connection.
I Do a mix of Massage and Tantra.
I have many clients that do not know what Tantra is;
inspiring my creativity on how I may share my version of conscious loving within the labels that our modern man may better understand.
The therapeutic modalities I intertwine are:

I work with men, women and couples.

In Bliss we Surrender, Cleo Leleu

Kundalini Bliss Massage, Tantric Bodywork & Temple Spa Massage


9/14/17 BLESSING SHAKTI: Poems, blessings, stones, fruit, flowers, flower waters, prayers, songs. Bringing our magic together in to the Shakti Cauldron to activate our Collective grid for continued blessings, protection, guidance and fulfillment. Led by Queen Love, Sound Activation by Sasha Nicole

Competed Levels 1, 2 & 3 of Charles Muir's Source Tantra Trainings:
The CTE Level 1 Mastery Course curriculum involves love coaching, Tantric therapeutic processes, eros healing skills for men and women thru hands-on demonstrations, practice, class handouts, lesson plans, and a variety of other classes. This is life-enhancing Tantric wisdom. Eros wholeness, consciousness awakening, expansion of pleasure thresholds, and spiritual awakening are typical by-products of this program. This course represents the pinnacle of Charles Muir's teachings.

This course also includes the following Tantric skills: Understanding chakras, nadis and Kundalini -  Principles of running, discharging, and moving energy - Tantric breathing and meditation techniques - Energy body and psychic flushing - Awakening the "Yoni of the Mind" - Puja for two - Kriyas - The nurturing techniques of Tantra - Pressure point release work - Tantric secrets - Introduction to Zero Balancing (structural acupressure) - Understanding and beginning practice of White Tantra - Base chakra opening and awakening for health and security - Introduction to sensual magic and transformative lovemaking - The mystery of the pearl, Kali Shakti, and the female - Advancing Sacred Spot Massage® practice and awakening - Tantra Yantras and Mantras for gently awakening the chakras - The difference between practicing and teaching Tantra.

The CTE Level 2 Tantra Teaching Training - An extensive variety of Tantric practices and areas of study are taught in: empathy and compassion, teaching and practice of self-pleasuring, and understanding the principles of energy and energy transmission (part 2). Tantra teaching is codified into six areas of study, which includes: 11 Tantra meditation techniques, 10 energy exercises and techniques, 31 subjects for private classes, 22 main areas of Tantra study, 10 Tantric breathing techniques, and 11 Tantric nurturing exercises.

Additional areas of Level 2 study include: Opening the nadis (energy meridians - Love magic - Manifesting spiritual qualities of Daka and Dakini - Principles of Tantric massage including zero balancing - Reading a body's physical and energetic patterns - Third chakra work - Theory and practice of Tantric massage - Principles of triads (being in one, and leading one) - Advanced Tantric breath patterns - Healing physiological and neurological circumcision wounds - Prostate health and healing.

The CTE Level 3 Tantra Teaching Training: This course includes advanced Tantra Yoga practices and experiences with "For Teachers Only" notes that Charles Muir and his staff use..

Additional areas of study include: honoring the lingam and yoni - Understanding and using the sub-pranas - White Tantra initiations - Helping people with premature Kundalini awakenings - Treatment and prevention of common prostate problems - Copies of Charles Muir's class notes and lesson plans - Nyasa - Three-hour advanced Tantra massage - Instruction, and practice - Advanced demonstrations - Advanced pelvic work - Using bandhas in sacred spot massage work - Introduction to Joyous Breath Release®...

Cleo LeleuCleo Leleu

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Cleo Leleu12-04-2018*frd*10

Truly a wonderful connection was made. Cleo understands how to see through to the true and pure self and put you at ease. She connects with energy, fun, playfulness and depth on a special level. Cleo is independent and sees the bigger picture. She’s just a total gem mind, body, soul....

Cleo Leleu08-30-2018*ART*10

I came to Cleo for a connection to the Divine Feminine, and I received just that. In her presence, the first pool you fall into is her radiant physical beauty. The second and deeper pool you fall into is her soft, kind, and playful energy. Finally you fall into the pool that has no name. Connection whole and complete. Thank you, beautiful Cleo.

Cleo Leleu10-24-2017*JJ*10

Cleo is brilliant, she immediately connects and goes deep. Takes you on an unbelievable journey of spirituality and self discovery. It is hard to describe in words.

Cleo Leleu10-16-2017*SkTe*10

Words simply cannot describe or give justice to how magical and amazing an encounter with Cleo will be. She is beautifull inside and out. One enters her world and an instant connection links you with an extraordinarily intuitive and sensual dakini. What is a dakini? Someone who is a "Tantric priestess who carried souls to the sky. The dakini is a muse." Play with Cleo and it is as if you enter a safe, caring, loving cocoon. You will be instantly enveloped by her warm spirit and soft caress. If you ever have the chance, do not walk or run to Cleo, rush or sprint to her. Then get ready to relax, decompress and delight in her beyond compare aura.

Cleo Leleu07-19-2017*MOTO*10

Cleo is a lovely, svelte dakini whose newness to the Temple belies extraordinary massage and tantric skills. She is wise to Yin and Yang,l and her generous sessions weave traditional and sensual touch, tantric breathing, and much more in novel and delicious ways. Highly recommended! After a wonderful introductory visit I repeated just a few days later for a three hour appointment that was even more sublime!

Cleo Leleu07-11-2017*IriSt*10

I've had the pleasure of experiencing sessions with several goddesses at the temple. While all have been wonderful in their own way, my 90 minute tantra session with Cleo was unforgettable, to say the least. From the moment I arrived, I felt an immediate warmth and connection with Cleo. Her pictures don't remotely convey her beauty and sensuality. I was blown away and even more impressed with how she made me feel at easy. She was incredibly generous with her words and was fully engaged with me throughout our session. Her touch is magical, stimulating, and deeply caring. I could go on and on...Most impactful, however, has been the sense of calm and quietness that has sustained with me since our session. I can't wait to see her again and place myself in her warm and caring hands.

Cleo Leleu07-09-2017*JeC*10

Had a exceptional experience, wonderful woman.

Cleo Leleu05-28-2017*EF*10

Cleo is delicate and thorough in handling the heart and body. I had a true Tantric experience. The real deal. I can feel myself so much more open in heart, mind and body. She has a lot she can teach and a lot I learned. Thank you.

Cleo Leleu05-24-2017*QL*10

The Massage session started off slow, tender & nurturing. It evolved in to a very strong, powerful, precise, skilled & intuitive healing massage of top-notch caliber. So I suppose a younger dakini CAN teach an older Queen new moves! She gave me my first pelvic floor release massage, and just was oh so deliciously awesome in her moves throughout the session. She's strong, solid and one of the better massages of true quality I have received in quite awhile... and that is saying A LOT! Right? What are you waiting for? Sincerely, Queen Love

Cleo Leleu05-20-2017*kuki*10

Wow ! Cleo was amazing, she is so much more Beautiful than her pictures. This tantric lioness transformed me from a stressed out mess to another realm of intense sensual comfort. Her tantric knowledge had me riding waves of euphoria. Such a giving Goddess, thank you Cleo!

Cleo Leleu05-12-2017*DaAma*9

My heart and being has soared to meet this truly exceptional guide and muse on this journey. Cleo is an educated, authentic angel... she can simultaneously bring you to silence and inspire a well of communication with her presence and insight. Her touch is gentle with deep listening~ a treasure to be enjoyed!

Cleo Leleu04-26-2017*T2*10

Had a warm welcoming wonderful experience. Cleo is great at what she does. Really wants to make the experience great for you.

Cleo Leleu04-08-2017*sen*10

Cleo is a most welcome addition to the Temple. She has a calm and soothing disposition with striking eyes and a deft touch. As an experienced practitioner, she combines true spiritual healing with playful dialogue. Unforgettable experience.

Cleo LeleuCleo Leleu

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