Ciela Belle

Ciela Belle

An Embodied Sky Dancing Priestess Dakini...

Ciela Belle

Welcome to my Heart...

I will gently guide your Body to a place of nourishing relaxation, melting away tensions, and giving you permission to purr.

Allow me to worship your Body Temple, bringing you to new delicious places within your Self - so that you may carry this Remembrance with you & into the World. As Isis collects and re collects the sacred pieces of her beloved Osiris, allow me the pleasure to use my intuitive hands, body & soul to bring you into fullness of Being, into Wholeness, activating & fortifying your Ka Body ( your energy body) .
"I know the mysteries of life and death. I know the mysteries of immortality. I know the mysteries of taking creation apart and putting it all back together again. Look heavenward as the great ibis flies toward the rising sun and becomes the fiery phoenix of transformation and rebirth!" Isis "Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt".
I am a dancer, poet, massage therapist, tantrika & yogini devoted to the embodiment of bliss. Through breath & toning & connecting to Source, I create a fluid energetic space to allow healing to come through. Allow my skill, beauty & presence to give you an experience that will linger in your consciousness and keep your senses enticed.
Having been a part of many types of ceremonies and having traveled to other countries such as Costa Rica, Cuba, India & Nepal , I have absorbed a compassionate way of understanding and acknowledging difference and honoring cultures & earth based traditions.
I offer longer Tantric sessions that include a Tantric Temple dance. I also offer heart expanding cacao ceremonies for individuals, couples and groups.
I am grateful and am learning so much from this work and from my receptive clients. I enjoy holding space and seeing your pleasure and desire come alive! I am devoted to the journey of sensuality &  healing.
Honey in the heart,

Ciela Belle

Ciela is now also offering Rose Tantra & Taste Tantra in her 2 hour or more sessions. $500/ 2 hours
Rose Tantra~
"Sensual Play" (Cultivating Sensitivity & snuggles...
w/ fresh roses
rose water
rose incense
rose tea
& rose quartz stones
This session includes a rose meditation/activation specific to unlocking past pains, through cultivation of tenderness & intimacy. Allow your unique magick to come alive in the loving presence of a skilled Priestess.
Taste Tantra~
(Cultivating trust & depth of connection with the Soul...
w/ tantalizing honey, cacao, salts, & spices
blindfold, & leather straps to bind
This session includes a Soul Journey through Sacred Sound & guided meditation to set the tone of deep surrender & trust activation. Come, receive, replenish the deeper layers of the sub conscious & nourish the body & senses!

Qualifications: Ordained Priestess of Isis ( ordained through Anandha Ray & Isis Oasis) ~ Temple of Bliss Tantric Priestess 2+ years ~ Dancer & Yogini ~ Anusara Yoga Advanced Training 125 hours ~ Certified Massage Therapist 600 hours ~ Tantrika Dakini & Bliss Therapist ~Tantra Workshops with Bast ~ Cacao Priestess

2017  Temple Workshops ~ Ongoing Education:

2/19/07  SACRED UNION: Honoring the Beloved Within.~A Devotional day of Sound Healing-Gong Bath & Crystal Bowls, Herbal Cacao Tea Ceremony, Prayer, Mind & Energy Clearings, Kirtan/Chanting, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Temple Dance, Hands on Healing, Tantric Essays & Reflection. Led by Queen Love, Ciela Belle(myself/led the tea ceremony portion), Sasha Nicole, Lakshmi Devi, Kali Dawn and others.

I offer the Body of Bliss Massage & the Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork for men, women & couples.

My Purely Therapeutic Offerings are:
Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage, Cacao Ceremonies



Ciela BelleCiela Belle

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Ciela Belle09-15-2017*BryS*10

When I first saw Ciela nearly three years ago at the Temple in Marin, I never thought I'd again experience the state of bliss I achieved from the moment she first touched me. To my surprise, the next session was even better, the one after that better still, and -- well you get the picture. Every session with Ciela always seemed like it was the best.
Alas, I left the Bay area nearly two years ago and seeing Ciela was among the things I missed most. So when I saw that Ciela was visiting the Temple in MDR, I promptly booked an appointment. I confess to being concerned that perhaps Ciela had lost her magic touch over the years, but the worry was unfounded. She is amazing as ever!
I can't describe a session with her because so much imagery rushes through my brain and energy through my body. Ciela makes me feel young and alive and full of hope. When I'm with her, I don't have a care in the world. And the bliss state remains for days afterwards.
There are lots of women who fashion themselves as goddesses but Ciela is truly one. And in addition to being beautiful, she is warm and kind and will make you feel special. I simply can't recommend her enough. Definitely God's gift to the Temple.

Ciela Belle08-22-2017*Rok*10

She is magic.

Ciela Belle03-02-2017*GloTro*10

I have been visiting the temple for almost five years now and have taken massages all over the world. The selection of Dali is at the temple is exquisite by any global standards. I met Ciela from a recommendation of one of my favorite Fatimid who has since retired. Now I am addicted to her. She has sharp features which I have seen in one of the most beautiful Egyptian women. Her personality is mystic. Her style of massage reminds me of Asian massages full of care and pampering. I will keep going back to her.

Ciela Belle12-20-2016*gig*10

Ciela was a light unto my path, beckoning me on to another place, undiscovered within myself. And leading me there, she let me rest and explore, seeing with eyes wide open for the first time. She's a can't miss.

Ciela Belle11-03-2016LarCra*10

What an amazing session I had with Ciela. Truly beautiful. Wonderful smile and eyes that will melt your heart. The pictures in her bio do not do her justice. Her strong hands caressed my body allowing me to totally submit to her touch. Ciela is wonderful and I hope to see her again very soon.

Ciela Belle06-21-2016*BrPr*10

WOW!! Ciela is fantastic! She slowly infiltrates your psyche for a soothing and nutritious tantric massage. A definite repeat! Thank you Ciela.

Ciela Belle02-04-2016*JY*10

No words can describe the feeling I left with. This is by far the best TOB experience I've had in my 5 years of going to the temple.

Ciela Sky12-28-2014*Shr*10

The mark of an incredible session is when you still feel engulfed by the experience long after you left. Ciela looks and acts like a true goddess and I found myself thinking of her days after I saw her. There is something magical about her treatment -- my mind turned to mush and random thoughts just came and went. She works pretty deep and knows how to find troubled spots. I was so incredibly at peace when I got off the table. Ciela's photos don't do her justice. As you will see when you first meet her, she has the most incredibly beautiful eyes and she will put you at ease the moment you walk through the door. Even by the Temple's incredibly high standards, Ciela ranks in the top tier. Definitely worth the drive to Marin to see her!

Ciela Sky12-10-2014letters10

What a heavenly person. Ethereally grounded spirit and countenance. Absolutely wonderful touch and simply adorable figure. Treat yourself.

Ciela Sky11-14-2014*lts*10

Her pics do not do her justice. She is even more beautiful in person. Cant wait to go see her again. $200 on tantra well spent. You would be crazy not to see this woman.

Ciela BelleCiela Belle

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