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Welcome, love! I’m Cheyenne, your divine companion and gentle guide on this path to ecstasy.

As an experienced creative healer and tantrika-in-training, it is my soul’s mission to open a sacred space with you where the white noise of the outside world is tuned out so we can tune in to the essence of who you are, learning to accept and channel your deepest desires, truths and needs. I am here to listen to your mind, body and soul with love and co-create a magical tantric experience with you:

Come to me as you would a well spring 

Honor that I come to you, pure of heart, and that I will allow you to seek nourishment from my healing waters if only you come with reason and respect.

I invite you to surrender to the process. As you do, you’ll find that the layers of stress, lethargy, monotony and anxiety will fall away, leaving you with a peaceful and euphoric experience. The Tantric journeys I offer are designed so we can safely explore your desires and needs, and transmute any fear, anxiety or negativity into energized embodiment - what I like to call sensual centeredness.

We will be able to create a genuinely blissful and intimate experience through the mutual exchange of touch, intention and affirmation. You can relax as my gentle hands roam over your body, discovering and releasing more tension as we go deeper.

My previous clients have told me that the energy that runs through me is fresh, elegant, warm, gentle, playful and cleansing. Many have said that they were able to leave my sessions feeling revitalized, more able to love and delight in the pleasures of life. That is my intention for you as well.

These sessions, after all, are meant to be profound, pleasurable and peaceful experiences.

The more time you spend able to surrender, enjoy and immerse yourself in this intimate space, the more likely you will be able to fulfill all of your intentions and enjoy a truly Tantric experience. My most devoted partners return to me regularly for this reason.

There are many ways we can connect in session, including but not limited to:

  • Intention-setting and sharing
  • Tantric mantras, mudras and prayers
  • Guided meditations and Tantric transmissions
  • Sacral chakra activations with powerful releases
  • Pranayama (Breathwork) techniques
  • Transparent, respectful and compassionate communication and honesty
  • Practices that encourage the art of self-love and the release of shame / negativity

After graduating with my Bachelors in Psychology, I lived and traveled across Southeast Asia for two years as a writer. I am currently training in the Tantric arts, as well as studying various therapeutic and energy work modalities. I am in the process of receiving my Tantric Yoga Teacher certificate through the Holy Love Institute, and have been initiated into the Kaula lineage. I am deeply interested in subjects such as the Gene Keys, astrology, mindfulness, breathwork and meditation, mythology and archetypes, sound healing, the art of self-love and spiritual counseling. As a woman who loves both muses and mystics, I’ve always felt called to explore the topics of spirituality, psychology and sacred embodiment.

I’m so looking forward to the chance to embrace you. To discover you and connect with you, while at the same time offering you a euphoric space to discover and connect with yourself.

Much love,


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I saw Cheyenne when she had just started at the temple, in a doubles session with Sara. Cheyenne was an absolute delight.


Sep 25th, 2022


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