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The Divine within me acknowledges the Divine within you.

Chandra Devi

Chandra Devi

It is with deep gratitude and warmth that I welcome you into my light space, as an intuitive wellness practitioner and energetic healer. I am honored to be an emulation of the Divine Goddess to navigating your unique experiences towards healing and expressing all radiant aspects of your being so you can attract abundance and realize your ultimate potential and successes.

My search for truth and wisdom led me to embrace Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra and to acknowledge the omnipresent sacred masculine and feminine energies that flow interconnected.

Allow yourself to be guided into a blissful meditative trance with my soft, considerate and smooth touch. With a balanced mind and heart full of love, I am excited to walk with you on a beautiful vibrant path towards your highest self!

Skilled in:
- Tantric bodywork
- Chakra Alignment
- Intuitive Reiki + Massage
- Pranayama-Breathwork
- "Shadowwork" (Mindful,intentional healing of trauma)
- Energetic Frequencies & Mantra Sound Healing
- Aromatherapy & soothing herbal oils
- Holding space & listening

**currently training within Psychosomatic body therapy/ acupressure and psycho-cybernetics**

Aside from Tantra, I adore herbs and study holistic health and wellness. I love immersing myself in Mother nature no matter the weather and you can usually find me cooking, sketching, or self-educating/reading. Sipping a steaming hot cup of herbal tea and stretching as the sun rises and sets is all in a day's perfection.

In Love, Truth, and Gratitude

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Chandra DeviChandra Devi

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Chandra is a healer. With her deep understanding of tantra practices, wonderful energy and skilled techniques she left me relaxed, rejuvenated and released from pent up stress, Thank you Chandra!


May 16th, 2021

I walked away from my session with Chandra feeling brand new. A little lighter on my feet and totally relaxed. She is really sweet and beautiful. She took the time to really address my pain points. Highly recommended


Apr 2nd, 2021

Chandra DeviChandra Devi

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