Chandra Alana

Available for Outcalls in Sweden

Chandra Alana

Couples ~ Women ~ Men ~ ALL WELCOME!

Chandra Alana

Allow me to stretch you out of your comfort zone and open to your true potential!

I am here for those who choose to live in the heart of Love. I am here to tantalize your senses, and expand your consciousness to new heights. I am the embodiment of pure wild & divine yogini energy.

I invite you to follow me, and get lost on a journey to the deep flowing waters of bliss. Allow our breath to become one, our bodies to become one. As we float away, the senses awaken in pure bliss. Something beautiful happens in this exquisite, open, innocent state. Healing takes place. Emotional, and physical changes take place in such a love intoxicated state. I naturally tune into your needs, and it is my pleasure to free you of all that is weighing you down.

All sessions with me include an infusion of healing intentional energy, that flows through you head to toe. After a healing experience with me you will feel light, renewed, and leave in a cocoon of sweet & charged energy. Be the truest vibrant you!

Bliss, Chandra Alana

*Available for Men, Women & Couples

Chandra AlanaChandra Alana

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Chandra Alana01-11-2017*mxm*10

Chandra was amazing! Tender touch. Sensual great massage. Sweet conversation. I'm totally seduced.

Chandra Alana12-27-2016*Chas*9

My first time with Chandra was surprisingly poignant. I say “surprisingly” because her approach to the art of touch was not so much traditional as it was spontaneous and freeform.

Coming from Sweden, Chandra has a refreshingly different approach to the ways of tantra and sensual massage. I found myself quickly absorbed in the mood she created. She is very much attuned to energy and how to use it for deep relaxation. I highly recommend the experience, especially if you desire a personalized session 🙂

Chandra Alana12-31-2016*DH*10

A goddess of pleasure if ever there was one. Chandra is a giver who loves to give and make you feel the bliss. To say we had a connection will be a clinche' but that's how I felt. She made me feel heavenly for the first time in my life. I felt truly connected. She loves to give and enjoys making you feel special. A hour goes by and you are back in reality. All my chakras cleansed and I felt invigourated and alive like a new born . Thanks Chandra, will miss you

Chandra Alana12-19-2016*NicPin*10

Had the pleasure of visiting for my first time on Monday. I was completely 100% satisfied with the services offered. I will definitely be back and everyone else should experience this bliss when they can.

Chandra Alana12-05-2016*Dd*10

I had stopped seeing tantra providers for over 6 years. But I always kept looking. When I came across Chandra's ad, something about her look spoke to me. So for the first time in many years I decided to have an appointment. We met in a cozy temple space in NYC, I was offered a shower and then we had our session. The loving energy she was a conduit for was so overwhelming at times I began to sweat cold. I felt faint. I shivered, I even cried. It was all I could do to not pass out. And she was with me every step of the way. Always present. I can't thank you enough!

Chandra Alana11-27-2016*shivJon*10

Chandra is without doubt the most intuitive tantric goddess I have ever met. She is a unique and wonderful experience that will leave you with a feeling of tranquil harmony a long time to come.
Her contagiously enchanting smile will doubtlessly have you charmed from the very moment you meet her. She provides a space of comfort that will let you open up and receive a divine sense of love from the universe channelled through her soft sensual hands. While containing great strength her touch is delicate and with elegant ease she manages to expel any woes dimming your soul, washing them away like an ocean wave from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. All of this, plus a glow of beauty that exceeds her photos and can only be understood first hand.

Chandra Alana06-27-2016*Cha*10

Chandra is sensually delightful. She moves with deliberate grace. My session was 3 days ago and I am still vibrating from her warmth and invigorating touch. Oh my, what a caring and intuitive provider of touch!

Chandra AlanaChandra Alana

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