Cassie Rose

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Cassie Rose

~Tantra is a Celebration of Living as Joyfully Embodied Bliss Being~

Cassie Rose

Greetings Loved Ones, I have been told that my presence is striking, but my skilled touch is really what keeps people coming back to me…

I am a certified massage therapist of 10 years, and have the ability to relax and put you at ease with my sensual energy work and spiritual touch.

Let go with me and I will transform your body… physically, emotionally and through kundalini activation ~ into a place of pure bliss.

Tantra is a celebration of you, of your connection to ecstatic bliss and joyful living. Tantra is living embodied gratitude of your sexual energy as a limitless and sacred life force. By increasing and moving this sacred life force energy you can feel more vitalized, centered and empowered.

My intention is to guide you to an expanded & elevated state of bliss, being fully present in your body while basking in vibrating light frequencies. The Body is Electric! I invite you to open to the possibilities of our journey together.I am here fully for you. Let’s work together to bring your true energies & the divine gifts forth on this mystical journey of sensual massage.

Blessings & Namaste,

Cassie Rose


~*~ I have been w/TOB for 8 years now & I am an 11 year therapeutic practitioner certified in 14 modalities. I have completed many tantrik trainings: level one w/Triambika in 2009, Shivakti Shaktiva, Luna Lauren, Psalm Isadora, Dawn and Dan here in Colorado, I have taken Paul Muller-Ortegas Blue Throat Yoga course in 'Entering the ❤️ of Shiva', Sexological Bodywork Retreats and trainings through 'The Body Electric School', numerous Pujas, Tantrik circles and more. I have been a yoga instructor for over 3 years now along with a continuation of Shamanic ceremonies and teachings here in Boulder, 2 years studying with Shivakti and studies/ceremonies in Hawaii & Peru. I have read all of Baba Dez' books, I frequently go back to Margot Anand's teachings as well as many discussions and sessions  with Michael Skydancer when I'm in CA. I have read Osho, I have read and studied with the 'Himalayan Institute of Tantra', 'Living Tantra', I am on a weekly video chat with Elaine Caban and Anaiya Sophia. I  have instructed a handful of Pujas and 2 Tantrik circles at local festivals and gatherings here in Co.,  Over the course of 3 years. I am enrolled to start a coaching program this spring.  I am a clinical herbalist, doula, ordained priestess and take part in 3 re-occurring priestess circles: one that is tantrik driven w/providers here in Colorado, one that is a 13 moon and the other is sacred medicine based. I am part of the 'Foundation for Shamanic Studies', and a trained Shaman under Eve B. Crow who is under Michael Harner. I also have studied at The Boulder Psychic Institute.

I am dedicated to my practice and my clients and can assure anyone a deeply sacred & Profound experience.

Available for: Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork, Body of Bliss Massage, Couples & Doubles Tantra & Bliss

Purely Therapeutic Offerings: Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage, Shamanic Temple Bodywork, Private Yoga & Meditation, Spiritual Counseling/Life Coach, Couples Counseling/Love Coach, Tantra Education. 

“Cassie Rose has the most adorable disposition and the sincere desire to please which makes for an enticing blend of glamorous, tempting, lovable and alluring that will melt your heart – while her skilled hands are melting your body.”


“What a gem! What a delight! What a session! Combining the skills of an experienced bodyworker with the poetic energy of a muse, this young beauty can easily become an All-Time-Favorite for many. She is a sensualist’s delight who, within the boundaries of TOB, took me to a state of bliss. She is indeed EXCEPTIONAL. Need I say more?”


Cassie RoseCassie Rose

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Cassie Rose11-11-2016*Bry*10

Prior to my visit I had, at best, a tenuous knowledge of tantra and didn't really know what to expect. I was stressed out by various things in my day prior to meeting with her, and from the moment we met, Cassie's personality alone did away with the majority of my stress. I found her to be incredibly personable and it felt like we had known each other for a long time prior to our meeting. She and I enjoyed a very delightful conversation where we got to know each other better, and she was able to go into more detail regarding tantra and what to expect. After our talk, I prepared myself for my massage. Cassie provided me with quite the education in regards to opening chakras and breathing techniques which relaxed me to no end. She went on to guide me towards the goal of my session, which focused on releasing negative emotion and replacing it with an abundance of positivity and light. The massage was incredibly relaxing, and I walked away from it feeling like a new human being, let alone a new man. I am still basking in the glow of the experience. My time with Cassie was a wholly rejuvenating experience that I can't really put into proper words. She is incredibly beautiful on the inside and on the outside, and I will happily return to further deepen my tantric journeys. She is an amazing human being and I cannot sing her praises highly enough.

Cassie Rose08-30-2016*GLO*10

Loves Touch: Pertains to the inner being of Cassie Rose being a vessel of love. It is a simple statement about the energy she radiates. To be sure, there is touch, and then there is loves touch, which is like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life, be it this life or any other. Loves touch will likely not affect two people the same. i.e., you only get out of something what you put into it. So when Cassie encourages you to breathe, then dammit, breathe boy, breathe as if your life depended on it. And always know this about Cassie: From one who has been there, she delivers as advertised. So if she mentions she is a certified massage therapist of 10 years, believe her.
When I saw Cassie, I had no idea what to expect of our two-hour session. What I wound up getting, in fact, was beyond my wildest dreams. I was face down on the table to start, and no sooner did Cassie place her soft hands on my upper-back to begin the massage, than I felt awash in an intense energy that was new to me. When I looked up at Cassie and gazed into her eyes after I turned over, the feeling only intensified. At that point I knew that for the better part of the next two hours, I was in for the roller-coaster ride of my life. With Cassie moving the energy inside my body all around, my two-hour session could have easily gone three or even four hours. I felt blessed to have this goddess fill my heart and soul with love. Simply stated, the bliss is ecstatic. The sensual energy work is superb. The life force is sacred. And the touch is spiritual. (Incredible, too.) She sent me to places I've never been before when I felt her hands working on me. That sensation was, and still is, indescribable. Yet for all the beautiful love we shared, the lasting image I have, the one that is stronger than all others, is the entirety of the massage. Magical moments they were, and still are, in my memory. So beautiful, so vulnerable, yet so wonderful. Just the sight of Cassie is enough to take any man’s breath away and cause his heart to pound. What a vision she is. And as for those beautiful green/blue eyes of hers? OMG! I could gaze upon them forever and a day and never tire. They are a source of energy unto themselves. I found myself gazing to and through those spell-binding eyes of hers all the way to her soul. At that point, I didn’t want to take my eyes off her nor stop thinking about her. Then again, with this goddess, who had me feeling honored, seen, respected, and loved at the end of our blissful time together, is that really such a bad thing?

Cassie Rose06-14-2016*AV*10

Cassie Rose is charming, beautiful and and vivacious. She put me at ease immediately and guided me through a sensual and fulfilling tantric experience. She is a delightful and vivacious tantrika who was able to tune into my needs. I wish I had booked longer than 90 minutes because she is able to sustain such high levels of ecstasy and bliss that I didn't want it to end. I look forward to being with Cassie Rose again very soon.

Cassie Rose04-12-2016*PTC*10

What a great experience spending time with Cassie – I met an authentic and passionate person who made me feel very comfortable as soon as I walked in. We openly talked about experience and expectation for our session which followed through full of respect, sensuality, relaxation and teaching to finally reach a great internal peace. I can only look forward to the next opportunity to share time again with Cassie and continue to progress under her directions on the path of tantra!

Cassie Rose02-09-2016*Se*10

I don't have a vocabulary adequate to describe what my session with Cassie was like, except to say it was one of the best, most sensuous experiences of my life. She is beautiful inside and out. Her experience and knowledge of Tantra runs strong and deep. She enveloped me in Tantric love, and made me feel like I was in contact with a long and ancient tradition. I will surely see her again, and I can't say strongly enough that you will be very happy if you do the same.

Cassie Rose07-27-2015*rostem*10

the 2 hour appointment was purely wonderful, culmination of my knowledge from practicing intergral hatha yoga and Zen meditation. Now- 5 days later, the effects of what I learned are getting even stronger, I do not remember last time I felt this happy and composed. The world is beautiful place, indeed. Thank you, Cassie for opening the door for me.

Cassie Rose01-03-2015*JFIC*10

Just amazing!!! The 2 hours I spent with Cassie were the best 2 hours of my life. She is charming, lovely, funny and has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. She is love personified. Simply wonderful.

Cassie Rose07-08-2014Butter10

Every session with Cassie is a sublime experience! Her sunny attitude, her stunning looks match her inner beauty and one can't help leaving without feeling relaxed and refreshed - body and soul. Well worth the time...can't wait to see her again.

Cassie Rose07-08-2014TonyS9

Cassie Rose offers a space to relax and be still. Her touch and presence is like dancing with an angel. I did not know what to expect when booking with Cassie but let me tell you that you will NOT be disappointed. Her knowledge and Love for what she offers is simply out of this world, meaning, I feel she is connected to something higher than most of us, like she can just pull healing light out of the sky and into your body, she is outstanding!!! I truly had an incredible spiritual experience, not to mention she is a wonderful, beautiful, kind, sweet, intelligent Woman that keeps me coming back for more. She is truly Divine. Go now!

Cassie Rose06-27-2014Touched10

The discovery of Cassie led to a genuine discovery of someone I've been needing to I was full of hope that a peaceful meeting with her would help me write new words since the loss of my father recently. Not only did I find that connection with myself, I found a connection with an energy from within that I feel will urge me forward to discover brighter paths. Cassie is a breeze in a volatile world and she is giving from the heart, the mind and soul. Simple written words cannot describe the power she has of herself and her touch of the mind. To say she is incredible is not enough. She beholds from within and allows you to reach deep into your past, present and future. I am grateful I visited her tonight and look forward to the next time we lock hearts and points of light.

Cassie Rose05-10-2014*ToRob*10

Cassie is an amazing healer. She is very intuitive and provides a safe and loving environment to relax and realign your chakras. I felt much better after our session and I look forward to visiting her again soon.

Cassie Rose11-27-2013*Mik*10

Truly a beautiful and wonderful experience!

Venus Sage06-28-2013*QL*10

Definitely a Temple of Bliss top-shelf massage experience!

Cassie Rose

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