Brigitte Flor

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Brigitte Flor

Brigitte Flor

“I have been listening to the love songs of

Form longing for formlessness.

 What are these energies

Undulating through our bodies,

Pulsing us into action?

 And this “matter” out of which our forms are made--

What are these dancing particles of condensed radiance?”

-The Radiance Sutras, translated by Loren Roche


What, indeed, are these dancing particles of condensed radiance we call our bodies? For me, they are the greatest gifts we have been given. It is through our bodies that we experience all of life's greatest joys, sorrows, and the full myriad of this long strange trip we call life. My path has led me to honor all bodies as the Sacred Temples where life plays out its swirling dances. This devotion to the physical form has allowed me to ask, "How can we use our bodies to cultivate experiences for healing?”

My life's work has been focused on cultivating a presence that allows individuals to drop deep into the present moment through embodiment. Along with this, I have college level training in counseling that supports me in being a non-judgemental, curious, and a deep listener. It would be my honor to create a space where you can get in contact with your authentic self, experience healing connection, and find moments of joy and bliss.

I have engaged in deep transformative work through conscious dance, entheogenic medicine, and devotion to personal development. My path of personal transformation has now taken me to the place of sacred service to give back to the world what it has given me. It is my joy and dharma to support individuals and couples of all genders in experiencing healing through the power of connecting to our inherent wholeness, innocence, and sense of expansion.

I hope you’ll accept my sacred invitation to explore your healing with me. My heart is nurturing, open, and eager to connect to yours.

With infinite love,

Brigitte Flor


Personal study of facicilation of entheogenic medicine and other expanded states work 2010-Present
Personal study of spirituality and mysticism from 2007-Present
A Bachelor's degree focused on the study of somatics, spirituality, counseling, psychology, and entheogens from the Evergreen State College (2011-2015)
Dance and Embodiment practice 2011-Present
Formal training in space holding for expanded states (September 2020-December 2021)

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Brigitte FlorBrigitte Flor

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Brigitte FlorBrigitte Flor

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