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Level I Tantrika

Brigitte Flor

Brigitte Flor

Greetings beloved,

I am so happy you have found yourself here. I am a medicine woman whose primary medicine is that of joy. It is my deepest intention and desire to pass on that frequency of joy through the experience of tantric bliss.

My journey started in 2010 after a major spiritual awakening with psychedelic medicine. I became acutely aware of my own divinity, as well as the divinity of all beings through that experience. Since then, I have traveled to lands in Asia, North America, Central America, and South America to study religion, spirituality, and healing ceremonies. In my journey of stepping into the identity of healer, I also pursued higher education focused on psychology, counseling, spirituality, and other methods of expanding consciousness while receiving my B.A.

Through my travels and education, I have come to see we are all bombarded with a variety of stress, disconnection, and yes, suffering. However, despite all this, I truly believe that tapping into the wellspring of joy is everyone’s birthright. In our sessions, we will do this by creating a space to fall into divine connection to one another. Through this healing relationship we will cultivate an experience of joy, peace, and even bliss that has the potential to alchemize any pain or stress you’re carrying into gold!

My sessions combine elements of mindfulness, somatics, and tantra to create a truly memorable experience. I have been told my energy is welcoming, playful, and comfortable. I am confident in my ability to meet you wherever you’re at to create a beautiful experience that will leave you glowing for days to come.


I absolutely love working with couples. Together we will create a truly memorable and divine experience for you and your beloved. A sacred space that will deepen the love you have for one another and ignite your personal and partnered passion for the Tantric arts.

Men, Women, Gender Expansive Beings:

I love working with men, women, and queer individuals. Come as you are–all of you is welcome here.

Spiritual Counseling/Coaching:

Having been formally trained in counseling and psychology while receiving my degree, I feel well equipped to be able to offer spiritual and general counseling/coaching in my sessions. I have cultivated tools to stay non-judgemental, curious, compassionate, and welcoming of all of your parts. Along with this, I am trauma informed and trained in multiculturalism, meaning that I feel confident working with individuals from a variety of backgrounds and holding them in a container where they can feel safe and seen. Please allow at minimum 90 minutes for our session together if you’d like to have counseling as part of your session.

Astrology Readings:

Astrology as a tool of self-inquiry can be traced back to the first human civilizations. It has been carried down through the ages due its potent capacity to allow us deeper insight into the self. By  looking at ourselves through the lens of the 12 astrological archetypes, we can create space to tap into your strengths, become more aware of your weaknesses, and feel deeply seen. Please book a 90 minute session if you’d like to add an astrology reading to your visit.

Day Long Ceremonies:

Using tantric and other forms of spiritual technology we can create a space to release stored emotions from the body, energetically clear the mind, connect to your joy, and make contact with your highest self. Reach out directly to discuss your wants and needs around ceremony and together we will design a truly special day just for you. Couples also encouraged to inquire.

In adoration of your unique divinity,

-Brigitte Flor


-Study of psychedelics, entheogens, and other methods of expanding consciousness, 2007 to present.

-Personal study of spirituality and mysticism 2010 to present.

-Study of mental health and healthy relating,  2010 to present.

-A B.A focused on counseling, psychology, spirituality, somatics, and psychedelics from The Evergreen State College.

-1200 hour counseling and psychology training.

-Buddhist practitioner 2015 to present.

-560 hour training in space holding for expanded states, trauma healing, and counseling with School of Consciousness Medicine.

-Personal work in Plant Medicine Ceremonies 2016 to present, including plant medicine ceremonies in the Amazon rainforest.

-Study of astrology, 2020 to present.

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Brigitte FlorBrigitte Flor

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My wife and I had never tried anything like this until we saw Brigitte for a couples tantra/massage session. Now we cannot stop thinking about what a magical experience it was. Brigitte radiates warmth and beauty. She is an excellent communicator and she went above and beyond to make our session extra special. Can’t wait to see her again. Easily a 10 out of 10!


Jan 2nd, 2023

The experience was soothing and very nurturing! She really has healing hands and very intuitive!
She really holds the space to make you feel comfortable to surrender!


Nov 27th, 2022

Brigitte is an absolute angel. Her radiant eyes, sharp nose, warm smile and therapeutic touch is otherworldly. I still have a smile as wide as the Pacific.


Nov 25th, 2022

She’s amazing. Full of life and breadth of experiences. She literally seems like someone you’ve known for years even if you’re meeting her for first time. I had an amazing time with Brigitte. Will def visit again!


Oct 18th, 2022

INCREDIBLE session with Brigitte Flor. She is beautiful and kind; with a confident air that made me feel grounded and relaxed the whole time. She definitely has the healing touch. When I left I couldn’t stop smiling. I wouldn’t book with anyone else.

Ry*n Jag*

Sep 27th, 2022

Brigitte FlorBrigitte Flor

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