Brigid Leone

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Brigid Leone

Brigid Leone comes to us from previously working with another Tantric healing collective in New York City.

Brigid Leone

I am a certified reiki master, passionate for wellness, holistic practices, mindfulness, I have an exquisite presence, authentic connection and creative touch. I am interested in neuroscience, and quantum physics to explore the science behind meditation. Together we can work on areas you would like to improve:
-inviting more bliss and pleasure into your embodiment
- understanding adventure and security in relationships.
- curiosity and confidence with how to approach women while dating.
- guiding you on how to embrace your most intimate feelings.
- setting boundaries with yourself and others compassionate & clear.

Anywhere you would like to focus your attention on, I invite you to into this space of nurturing, exploration and connection with me. I look forward to having fun on this journey together.

Available for Kundalini Bliss Massage

In Bliss,

Brigid Leone

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Brigid Leone

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I had the immense privilege and pleasure of meeting Brigid. She's a Goddess and also your friend; will give you honest insights on relationships when you ask for it .I felt heavenly immersed in bliss! Her positive energy flow stayed with me well after our session. Her inner nd outer beauty brought me total surrender in our blissful time we had together.She is a true Tantra Goddess and healer but also sweet and playful. I came out of our session feeling calm in my body , mind and more 'awake' ... Brigid is a gem !!!!!


Sep 13th, 2020

Absolutely exquisite experience. Brigid understands tantra deeply, and is very talented. Her bodywork is both strong and soft. Excellent technique, and a delightful personality. Fun accent too! She is also beautiful in every way.


Sep 10th, 2020

She was a star match made in the sky. The Tantra was exhilirating, fulfilling, energetic and one of a kind experience. Her positive energy could easily wipe away any bad day that comes your way.


Sep 8th, 2020

Brigid Leone

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