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Aurora Rae

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Aurora Rae

Hello Dear ones,

I want you to feel and love every single, delicious cell of your body. Let me pull from your shoulders the weight of your world, unraveling the worrisome coils of these many yesterdays and tomorrows you've wrapped round your bones that you might find yourself renewed in this luscious now.

Melt in the solace of my knowing touch, from the caress of each strong and delicate finger to the embrace of my devoted eyes. Let my breath guide you and together we will inhale light into every dark corner of your body, exhaling all that does not serve you.

I know that you hunger for affection and connection as much as tactile bliss, and that you have come to find the sweetness of these three as one. To feel alive and at rest under the weight of my body, the freedom of being bound up in loving arms. I am here to hold and adore you with all the warmth of my being, that you might know you are seen and cherished.

Come bask with me in these eternal moments of ease and ecstasy. You are a pleasure to please.


Aurora Rae

Dancer / Trained Massage Therapist / Registered Yoga Therapist 200hrs / Temple dakini 4 years + Previous dakini experience

Available for: Kundalini Body of Bliss Massage, Tantric Bodywork, Couples & Doubles Bliss and Tantra.

Purely Therapeutic Offerings: Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage, Shamanic Temple Bodywork.


*I am currently a Temple Guardian of The Circle in the SF Bay Area*

9/14/17 BLESSING SHAKTI: Poems, blessings, stones, fruit, flowers, flower waters, prayers, songs. Bringing our magic together in to the Shakti Cauldron to activate our Collective grid for continued blessings, protection, guidance and fulfillment. Led by Queen Love, Sound Activation by Sasha Nicole


Aurora RaeAurora Rae

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Aurora Rae07-27-2019Lsngg10

When I arrived to see Ashley, Aurora was not busy so she joined in and together they took me to heaven and beyond. So sweet, so real, so unique, and SO FUN!

Aurora Rae07-17-2019GeR*10

I rarely post reviews, but in this case I feel compelled. I travel a lot and am often under pressure while doing so. Occasionally when I travel I will arrange for some "Me time" to mitigate the stress. So I found myself at TOB SF last week and had the enormously good fortune to have Aurora as my therapist. It's an over-used phrase, but Aurora really is the complete package - she is stunning, but is also intelligent, empathetic, caring, creative, playful and a downright joy to be with. She has a true talent for actually paying attention, then joining with you to explore your time together in new ways. From the moment I got there to the last second walking out the door I felt pampered and cared for. I truly can't wait to go back and see her!

Aurora Rae07-09-2019ShnBa10

It is so, so difficult to put into words any aspect of working with Aurora. She has a simple openness which is there right from the beginning and is difficult to notice—you notice later how easy it was to connect and to let yourself go into her presence.
Then I’m seen, treated, touched better than anyone deserves to be. Don’t miss her.

Aurora Rae06-19-2019RiGra10

Seriously sublime first session with Aurora will have me coming back again and again! She has a true gift for transporting you to a new, blissful place.

Aurora Rae12-09-2017*DanG*10

She is simply the best,,,,! My all time favorite.

Aurora Rae04-21-2017*Pas*10

One of the most deliciously wonderful experiences of my life. With eyes and a smile of pure loving joy, Aurora led me though the deepest, most opening session imaginable. Drowning the outside world under her loving touch and soft, kind words, I need only to close my eyes now to experience being back in her care. Thank you Aurora!

Aurora Rae01-28-2017*DanG*10

Aurora is simply stunning. I plan on spending lots of time with her. Don't miss out with this wonderful sweetheart.

Aurora Rae03-14-2016*JonBo*10

Beautiful energy. She made me feel accepted and peaceful from the beginning... Which was exactly what I needed that day. She was very intuitive in feeling my energy and working with it. I will be seeing her again.

Aurora Rae01-10-2016*de*10

An otherworldly experience with a warm, energetic beauty!

Aurora Rae08-04-2015*DanG*10

Another over the top experience with this awesome lady!

Aurora Rae04-16-2015*SilV*10

I did the biggest mistake of going for only an hour of therapy, I should have opted for the 1.5 or a 2 hours. Aurora would make you feel so comfortable that you would forget that there exists a life outside that moment. I would recommend to take at least an 90 minute session with her. She is one of the most lovely & caring person. 'Yes, I Will be Back.'

Aurora Rae04-14-2015*ZE*10

Hey I was back in less than a week. Awesome lady. What a combo of Aurora and Teresa!!!! Over the top both of them. I will be back over and over again!!!! Thanks so much!

Aurora Rae04-09-2015*DanG*10

Simply the best! A most wonderful experience.

Aurora Rae03-21-2015*tomt*10

Wow. The Temple amazes: a bonafide League of Extraordinary Women. Daniella, Catarina, Teresa.....sweet magic, every one. They are, as others have remarked in these reviews, truly touched by the divine, and I will be back again and again. But the Temple has outdone itself with the astonishing Aurora. I'm out of superlatives. An experience unlike any other I've ever had.

Aurora Rae03-09-2015*Erib*10

Amazing first time session with Aurora! She has a wonderful, warm, healing personality to go along with her beauty.

Aurora Rae03-04-2015*tomt*10

Here's an attempt to do Aurora justice: once, sitting at a campfire in the Sierra, I was lamenting the state of the world, until my friend said "the real wonder is that we have been given so much grace." Which leads to some questions: why are we given so much grace? How come her earthly name is Aurora Rae? And how come heaven, or what passes for it on earth, happens to turn up at the Temple of Bliss in downtown Oakland?!

Aurora Rae01-12-2015*SSweet*10

An absolutely beautiful experience with an absolutely beautiful woman. Aurora led me through a deeply connected journey I will not soon forget. From the moment I walked in the door, Aurora enveloped me with her loving presence and touch. Thank you, thank you, thank you beautiful Aurora.

Aurora Rae12-17-2014Lee Jones10

Warm, sensual, beautiful, and...just wow. A wonderful experience with a wonderful person.

Aurora Rae12-16-2014*CB*8

This is a beautiful woman whith a beautiful figure and a great attitude! Everything from the moment the door opened was relaxing, comfortable and the space is quite nice. Aurora provided the most excellent experience within the temple boundaries and I cannot ask for more. She is sweet, smart, a lovely presence. Aurora's massage/relaxation skills are advanced and very satisfying, first class. I don't normally write reviews but this was a great experience and I wanted to pass it along. CR

Aurora RaeAurora Rae

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