Ashley Faith

Ashley Faith

Ashley Faith

Hello beautiful souls,
What a delight for our paths to cross!

I am a priestess of Divine love and trans-formative healing.
Creating a safe space to release the stresses of your life and return to your true blissful nature. In the Temple of Bliss I open the doors for delicious playfulness or deep relaxation

In this sacred space I remind you that your birthright as a human being is one of pleasure, bliss and connection. In my heart I know that our natural state of being is one of divine pleasure and from this space our heart speaks its truth the loudest . With this clarity of heart and mind, we move through our lives with intention and deep purpose as fully embodied beings of love.
unifying heart, body, mind and spirit in soulful completion.

With the offering of my hands and heart I bring you into the full presence of this moment leaving all other thoughts behind you.

You will feel safe and truly held in love during our time together opening the doors for new insights and and deep awakening with each passing moment
This is a space of sacred surrender I offer you.

I work with men, women and couples ....awakening all senses and raising the vibration of the body temple. In my practice I offer Tantric Massage, Tantric body de-armoring, Coaching for singles and couples and full body energy bliss embodiment.

Ashley Faith

3 years Tantra Dakini, Reiki Master / Teacher, Bliss Embodiment Coach


1/21/18 EMBODIED SHAKTI: Honoring the "Me too" movement as Temple Priestesses ~ how to be impeccable to right alignment with feminine/masculine energies, Intro on how to self-care & cultivate energy with Jade Eggs, Tantra Darshan, Tantric pointers. Led by Queen Love, E Bast & Halo Seronko


Ashley FaithAshley Faith

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Therapist Date Temple Nickname Experience Comment
Ashley Faith 11-07-2018 *Debiaji* 10

Our Tantra goddess was amazing

Ashley Faith 10-30-2018 *MiCu* 10

If you are lucky enough that Ashley has an opening you won’t be disappointed. First temple dakini I saw twice in one week. Caring, selfless, and intuitive you’ll leave your session with Ashley forgetting what day it is.

Ashley Faith 10-15-2018 *SHO* 10

I’m never at a loss for words, but I can’t do justice describing my experience with Ashley. I imagine it was something akin to what Neil Armstrong experienced when he took his first step on the moon and was engulfed with the universe’s overwhelming amazingness. Ashley doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all massage but rather takes the time – and shows genuine interest – in learning about your needs and wants. She made me feel loved and cared for and her spiritual presence throughout the session was extraordinary. Ashley put me at ease within seconds of walking through the door and she is even more beautiful in person than in her photos. You’ll be smitten by her eyes alone. I’m not one for offering guarantees, but I’m not hesitating with this one: A session with Ashley will most definitely be among the best – if not the best – you’ve had at the Temple or anywhere else. One caveat though: Don’t see her if you have any activities planned afterwards. After I left Ashley I was in such a state of calm I crashed and went into a deep and blissful sleep. A most special and caring woman, and if you can’t finesse a trip to the moon, Ashley is a compelling alternative.

Ashley Faith 10-15-2018 *MENE* 10

Ashley has a gift. She guides you through an incredible session of relaxation where you forget where your body is. She has a way about her that make you feel comfortable and want to share everything with her. She is a gift.

Ashley Faith 07-24-2018 *SumTi* 10

We talked for 5m about what my intention was and she used that to make the session even more contextual and customized to my needs. She’s a gift and gem. Thank you.

Ashley Faith 01-11-2018 *mpd* 10

A pure and perfect conduit to the divine feminine. I'm undulating into waves of bliss, profound peace, embodied ecstasy and expanded awareness after our session today. Ashley is a powerful Goddess and she helped me open and deepen into my own embodied divinity.

Ashley Faith 01-02-2018 *MicSa* 10

Ashley is just flat out an amazing artist of healing touch. She has serious skills in both therapeutic and sensual realms. I felt transported into a wonderful journey of bliss and ecstasy. Throughout the entire session Ashley was incredibly present for me and my embodied healing and pleasure. When I thanked her she told me that she had some amazing teachers. My response was that she also has some amazing instincts for providing healing pleasure through massage. Great Teachers + Great Instincts = Amazing Artistry. It's true. A session with Ashley let's you experience that truth. It's a beautiful gift you should not miss.

Ashley Faith 12-16-2017 *rauro* 10

Amazing couples experience with Ashley. She looks as gorgeous as she does in her pictures, but what is surprising is her mesmerizing eyes. Ashley did a great job and making both of us feel very comfortable and welcome. She has a great calming energy as well. One of the best experiences I've received and I highly recommend

Ashley Faith 11-21-2017 *branyo* 10

My bliss massage with Ashley was amazing! Her massage skills were off the charts impressive and I will be seeing her again for a longer session. I am so happy to see someone of her caliber at the Temple. Another reason why I love the Temple!

Ashley Faith

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