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Graceful, embodied and experienced Dakini


“Ask me about adding Pandora Star light therapy to your next session with me for a truly cosmic mind/body/spirit experience!”



I am here to help guide and support you in a safe and sacred space to open your heart and empower your whole being with more passion and authenticity.  My goal is to inspire awareness and intention in living and breathing in THIS body, right NOW, in this present moment.  I am passionate about bringing mind and body together.

I am experienced in numerous modalities including Neuromuscular Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Craniosacral Therapy, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Thai Massage, Chakra Balancing, Hot Stone, Stretch Therapy, Conscious Breathwork, Ayurvedic Consulting and Vishesh and Abyangha massage. I am also a Tantra Counselor, Reiki II Practitioner, and I integrate guided meditation, sound and light therapies in my practice. I am a University of Utah alumni and graduated with the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature and special focus on Linguistics and Philology.

I have been practicing Yoga nearly all of my life, beginning at age 12 and am a certified Yoga Instructor and Somatics Movement Therapist (RYT200). My yoga practice includes Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Tantra and Kundalini Yoga.  I had been faithfully practicing organic and self taught yoga for 25 years before I was graced with an amazing traditional yoga teacher

who hit the reset button in my life. “What has been seen cannot be unseen.” Since then, I have dedicated my life to the holistic and alternative health arena and to marry that with abundance and prosperity. My intention is to live a life well lived and true to Higher Self. To explore the infinite possibilities that accompanies living my truth on the razors edge.
“Truth is dangerous, but it is good.”

I integrate into my practice the 7 keys of Tantra that have been passed down to me from my beloved teachers, to allow for ease and grace of living life while diving into the depths of Divine Being that join Heaven and Earth in every present moment: Surrender, Awareness, Movement, Breath, Sound, Intention and Acceptance.

Since finding Tantra, I have learned to redefine the obstacles and conditioning that held me captive to restricted and unfulfilling life patterns and beliefs. I have learned to recreate and redefine the most challenging concepts that in many cases are handed down to us without fully understanding what they really mean and where they came from. Love, marriage, parenthood, Self, Other, just to name a few. When you give yourself permission to be totally free, then out of that freedom you are able to experience and share the true beauty and love that flows freely within you. Together we will explore this freedom that is always readily available to you just like the gentle breath that passes through each of your lips.

I believe that if we  live in our truth, fully aware and responsible for ourselves, then we can create a synergistic, holistic and supportive environment to maximize our highest potentials.

"Let what you love be what you do...."  ~Rumi

Blessings, Ariana Adara

2019: I finished my 300 hour Tantra Yoga teacher training, so now I am Yoga Alliance registered as 500 hours RYT.

*Certified Spiritual Minister (available for weddings)

“Ask me about adding Pandora Star light therapy to your next session with me for a truly cosmic mind/body/spirit experience!”

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Ariana is an enchanting, beautiful, intuitive and insightful Dakini who invites you to share in a divine experience.


Jun 12th, 2021

i had the pleasure of seeing Ariana recently and it may have been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. She is a beautiful person inside and out and goes above and beyond to make sure you are 100% at ease. Book a session with her now before I take up all of her time. 😉 you will not be disappointed!


Nov 1st, 2019

My experience with Ariana was better then anything I could have ever imagined. She was so loving and open, that it allowed me to open myself up to the amazing world she had to offer! Ariana is so incredibly beautiful and had a gaze that was so mesmerizing it felt like she was reading my soul! I could not be more satisfied with my experience! Would recommend to everyone!


Aug 12th, 2018

Ariana is clear, kind and extremely awakened and knowledgeable. Her gaze set me on fire while her energy calmed me down. She's a true Tantric Goddess and Healer.. Thank you having such a positive impact on my life.


Mar 20th, 2018

I came to Ariana carryring alot of emotional baggage and physical pain. I was skeptical but I had great expectations. The experience I had was almost indescribable. Her angelic touch and genuine connection with me was way beyond what I had envisioned. The session ended with amazing gratitude to her for what she done for me, and with exciting anticipation for our next and subsequent sessions.


Feb 21st, 2018

Absolutely wonderful. Had the pleasure of meeting Ariana. She is beautiful, inside and out. She applies a fabulous massage, finding areas in need of work. Great intuition. She works on breathing. She has a wonderful and healing way about herself which benefits everyone. I would urge everyone to see her as she offers a terrific experience. Hope to see her soon again myself.


Feb 20th, 2018

I have known Ariana or many years and had many sessions. Everything about her is striking because of the depth of her experience and the immense amount of study and learning she has devoted to her own life. She is exquisitely beautiful but that is only the surface of a being who sees deeply in to life and to others souls. She lives her passion and that is what makes having a session with her so amazing. No one session can capture all of the experiences and doors that she has opened for me. Her Tibetan sound bowls, massage and yoga, the depth of conversation, and the ability to synchronize and transform are awesome.


Feb 20th, 2018

A wonderful and warm-hearted lady who creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, where one easily slips between states of blissful consciousness and dreaminess... can’t get enough.


Dec 25th, 2017

Breathtakingly beautiful Tantra Goddess. Mesmerizing mystique captivates you the second you see her. It's as if I'm in a spell, her stunning presence is perfectly matched with her magical technique. Ariana is Tantra.


Dec 19th, 2017

Ariana is a Muse. Her touch is heavenly and technique of a very highl level.
Ariana is beautiful inside and out and creates a divine space for healing that stimulates all the senses. I can't wait for another session with her. She's an Earth Angel. ~ Skyler Lake


Oct 24th, 2017

From the first hug I felt Ariana's presence and capacity to connect. Her striking beauty is secondary to her gaze and ability to bring her loving presence. Ariana is a regal, exquisite shamanic priestess. I left feeling seen, honored, enhanced and with a big smile on my face. Thank you, our session will stay with me for a long time. I feel honored to get to spend time with you.


Oct 14th, 2017

I met with Ariana for the 1st time and i have to say it will not be the last. She made me feel totally at ease and the session was off the charts. best 90 mins ever!!!!


Oct 12th, 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting & experiencing Adriana, receiving a Massage & Sound Bath from her. She has some beautiful Tantric Treasures in using her brass bowls & mystical chimes to accentuate the vibratory experience. Be sure to include enough time when you book a session to have her include some of this, and ask for her neck massage as well(my favorite part of her massage). Her pressure is firm, strong & light as needed. She is new to us, so still learning how to weave her offerings & experience in with our format and bodywork structure, so I gave her a "9". She is very adept and will soon be a "10" in all respects. A lovely, mature, embodied woman, full of grace, goddess & power. ~Queen Love


Jul 13th, 2017


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