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Experienced Dakini - New to Us - 6 years with another Collective




I was born with the natural talent of healing , loving and energetic work.

One of my biggest strengths is to give people powerful sacred loving energy and guide them thru through an amazing healing journey.

I am a very positive and joyous spiritual healer. Being around nature is my passion and it helps me connect to Mother Earth in many different ways. It gives me the power and strength to heal others in many ways.

I am here to share some of my love and talents in this healing journey,

With love

Annabella Grace

formerly with the Garden for 6 years

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It was an amazingly, beautiful, and such a powerful experience with Annabella. The deep care she expressed and gave to me was exactly the form of nurturance, and deep bonding experience my soul, heart and body been yearning for. Thank you for everything!


Sep 2nd, 2020

Annabella is a sweetheart! She makes you feel relaxed and at ease from the first hello. Her accent reveals that she comes from Columbia and definitely has that warm, playful Latin quality that makes her great fun to be around. I’m sorry I only booked an hour and look forward to more time with this beauty the next session.


Jun 25th, 2020


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