Angel Gabriella

Angel Gabriella

Angel Gabriella

Hello Sacred Beings!

I invite and welcome you to join me on a journey of physical and spiritual expression.

I am a massage therapist, spiritual counselor and tantric practitioner here to guide you as we explore the benefits of touch, sound, and meditation, to expand your sense of oneness with the divine feminine.

My offerings:

Bliss: We will work with lighter pressures as I incorporate energy work and intuitively find areas that need more attention. By option, we can use guided meditation and light touch to melt you inwardly to a state of Bliss. I also ground your energy post session so you may transition in a state of present, connected peace.

Tantra: I love to start with an intention. If desired, I'll do a short tarot reading to bring ourselves (and higher selves) to a place of shared understanding. We will use guided meditations to lead us into rhythmic breathing and cultivate sensory activation through light, flowing touch and divine oneness. Instead of an inward journey, we stay present and hold our sacred space.

We shall create our own unique, unspoken language; a prayer of holy love!

I am available for:

-Tarot reading

-Spiritual counselling

-Trauma Touch Therapy


-Communing with the Angelic realm


Most offerings can be combined with Tantra! Please note that it will generally require a 2 hour session to honour all aspects when combined.

In loving service,

Angel Gabriella

Angel GabriellaAngel Gabriella

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Angel Gabriella06-04-2018*CaM*10

Truly a beautiful and gifted person. Highly recommended.

Angel Gabriella05-15-2018*ShV*10

Angel is incredibly gifted at holding space, being present, and is highly intuitive. Simply being in her presence awakens intense sensations of joy and love within my Self. The work I’ve done with her has been a catalyst for deep transformation in all aspects of my life and I’m extremely grateful to know such a beautiful being. I’d highly recommend booking a session with Angel if you feel ready to dive into new experiences within your mind and body.

Angel Gabriella04-30-2018*zen*10

Angel is a combination of mesmerizing youthful beauty with a mature spiritual wisdom. She is caring and intuitive, knowing just what my mind and body needed. Her gentle strength and the comforting eyes create a safe environment that opened-up new and wonderful feelings and sensations in me.

Angel Gabriella03-23-2018*Lot*10

Absolutely genuine and gorgeous and skilled and sweet as a cupcake. She worked on all of my physical and spiritual ailments easing my body, mind and spirit. Went home feeling rejuvenated and like a new man. Her name is not Angel because it was chosen for her but because she fell from the sky.

Angel Gabriella03-03-2018*RKA*10

She is gentle, loving and very intuitive. Her energy is amazing. Can’t wait to see her again.

Angel Gabriella01-23-2018*LiPi*10

Most people have pretty busy lives, and we get pretty stressed out and overwhelmed over everything we have to do. So it’s nice when you can take a couple hours to forget all of that with someone else. And it’s even nicer when that person’s like Angel.

Angel Gabriella01-19-2018*Pre*10

Angel really made me feel relaxed and comfortable in a different way than any other goddess had before. The session came at a time in my life where I really needed compassion and a new perspective, it was so appreciated. Did I mention it was lots of fun too?!

Angel Gabriella01-08-2018*RaTo*10

amazing. elegant. purposeful. a lovely and sweet soul who makes you feel at ease and one with yourself. an absolute delight.

Angel Gabriella12-18-2017*QL*10

Thank-you Angel for being such a solid new addition to our Collective. Your sweetness, professionalism, beauty and massage skill set is wonderfully received. Queen Love

Angel Gabriella12-13-2017*Todutly*10

Wow. Other than being drop dead beautiful- this woman is advanced well beyond her years. A young body with an old soul- the perfect combo. I felt safe, held, supported and amazing. She knows the body and the mind. I was in heaven.

Angel Gabriella11-26-2017*SpiCha*10

An hour with Angel was a truly transcendent experience. There truly is something magical about this woman — I could feel it before she even touched me... and THAT made her touch all the more amazing. And she has truly mastered the healing arts, so if you happen to have an injury or chronic orthopedic type issue, I am sure she can help you find relief there (as she did for me).

Angel Gabriella11-26-2017*Elv*10

For real, no joke. Totally wonderful. The word super has a facebook picture of Angel. I am kind of in a daze. I will return to be dazed again.

Angel GabriellaAngel Gabriella

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