Anastasia Grace

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Anastasia Grace

Anastasia Grace

Beloved Beings!

This path keeps calling me....Living a life of ecstatic embodiment and joyfully expressing my sensual nature.

In our sessions, the journey begins with the breath… and from there we shall dive deep and explore the magic of bliss healing and sensory awakening.
My touch is skilled and intuitive. My heart is wide open and sincere. My intention is to serve your highest being.
My work is a dance of yin & yang… pleasure & awareness…love & light!

I offer you my presence and playful nature. 😉

Join me in this sacred temple of bliss!

Anastasia Grace

* CMT for 10 years
- Swedish
- Deep Tissue
- Myofascial Release
- Shiatsu
- Reiki Level 2
* Studied Taoist massage techniques with Joseph Kramer as my mentor (Published instructional DVD demonstrating these techniques)
* Tantra workshops with Bast and Triambika
* Tantra talks with Margot Anand and Psalm Isadora
* Attended many Shamanic rituals & ceremonies.
* Completed Year-long Shamanic Dance ritual program with Ananda Ray
* Had a regular practice with Sexological Bodyworker Destin Gerek
* Co-Facilitated workshops and created ritual theater with the Tantric Circus.
* Daka Dakini Conference
* Obtained doula certification through Heart and Hands intro to Midwifery Training with Elizabeth Davis (author of Orgasmic Birth)

* Gynocological teaching associate with Project Prepare… taught medical students at Stanford and Touro University how to perform sexually sensitive clinical exams in an unbiased and nonjudgmental way
* Completed 2 years of the 4 year Practitioner of Higher Consciousness program through the Inner Light Center (metaphysical practitioner)
* I am currently training in belly dance and modern temple dance. I am also currently furthering my education in Taoist practices with Halo Seranko (in the lineage of Mantak Chia) as a Jade Egg initiate.
* I have also had the honor to collaborate on many artistic endeavors (including the 64 Dakini Oracle) with artist Penny Slinger, author of “Sexual Secrets”.

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