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Level II Tantrika

Ana Heart

Ana Heart

With prayer and breath and intuitive touch, in session we will melt away all that no longer serves you.  Together, we will surrender to the divine, creating holy space for ecstatic bliss in the material body.

The word Tantra means “to weave,” and through practicing the Tantric arts, we honor the sacred union of spirit and flesh, of masculine and feminine, that is present within us, as it is present in all aspects of the creation.

As your priestess, it is my honor to serve as a mirror, to reflect the eternal beauty that flows through you.  It is my sacred duty to shine light into the shadowy corners where you are wounded, and to show you that all facets of you are beautiful and worthy of love.

My name, Anahata, is the heart chakra.  Anahata is the lotus of a thousand petals, blooming infinitely, timelessly.  As your practitioner, I will empower you to connect to this eternal wellspring of vitality.

My journey with the healing arts began almost twenty years ago, with yoga and breath work.  In 2008 I became RYT 200 certified in the Kriya yoga tradition, and it was with my guru that I began my study of Ayurveda, the ancient science of self healing.  This ignited my passion for learning as many healing modalities as I could, and I have continued my studies across a diverse range of practices.

Since that time, I have become a certified Ayurvedic bodywork therapist and nutritionist, a Reiki level II practitioner,  and a Tantric priestess. I have previously worked in Tantric Bodywork for 7 years.

Allow me to share my gifts with you in session, and together we will unlock the secrets to living each moment in ecstasy.

in Loving Service,

Ana Heart, Anahata


-RYT 200 Kriya Yoga

-Ayurvedic Practitioner, registered with the AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)

-Reiki Level 2


-Kundalini Body of bliss and Sacred Tantric Bodywork

-Abhyanga Massage (energetic clearing and lymphatic drainage)

-Marma point (acupressure) therapy

-Shirodara hot oil therapy

-Reiki 2

-Essential oils therapy


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Ana Heart

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Very lovely and relaxing massage. Anahata is a soft, sweet and sensuous soul. Her touch is tender and attentive. I also offered my Tantric initiation to her today which she will weave elements of now into her sessions.

*Queen Love*

Feb 28th, 2020

Ana HeartAna Heart

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