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Blessings on your journey and welcome to the next step!

There is a reason why you are here, reading this, beyond the obvious. Keep a curious mind and an open heart.

My style of therapy is a mix of guided meditation, breathing exercises, chakra balancing, and bodywork. My experience with meditation stretches back 2 decades. I have over 3 years experience with daily Vinyasa Yoga, over 5 years experience with massage enhanced by deep insight into anatomy and psychology provided by my lifelong humanities studies. I come from a Zen Buddhist background so i can guide you to your center and ground you with Earth energy. My sessions always have a healing aspect, so bring your trauma to the table and leave it behind, at the feet of the Great Mother.

The human body is an ever fascinating subject of inquiry that blooms like a garden in a nurturing, spiritual context. So if you are looking for a safe place to be held in your raw form, you have arrived.

The Goddess has been calling to me, and I am here now to guide you, cradled by unconditional Holy Love.

I see you.

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Alexandra is such a beautiful person. She challenged me to put my trust in her and completely let go. I know I have a lot left to work on, but the way she supported me and gave me reassurance of my worth was something I needed. Our energies matched during our session. Schedule a session with Alexandra if you want someone who will challenge you, and show warmth and compassion at the same time.


Dec 12th, 2021

This is a long overdue testimonial. I was fortunate enough to visit Alexandra twice in one month. We connected as soon as I entered and I felt immediately at home. She is incredibly intelligent, easy to talk to, and devastatingly beautiful. I left feeling better than I have in years, refreshed and energized. I’m grateful for the time and look forward to meeting her again.


Nov 29th, 2021

In more than 20 years with the temple I can’t recall a finer practitioner. You must see her


Nov 12th, 2021

I am in love with Alexandra's magical healing touch. She has given me one of the best massages I have ever received in my life. She has special gift and I am so glad she is part of temple. She is genuine with open heart and down to earth. She carries strong feminine loving energy.


Nov 9th, 2021

Today I visited Alexandra and there isn't enough words to describe all the feelings that I have been through today. She was kind beautiful in all sense and made feel loved and cared,. She guided me me during the whole session with her voice, breathing, and touch that my body, my soul and mind were transported to a new place. She taught me so much about my self, she made of me in a single session a better person, I just hope to keep for ever all her good energy with me for long time. I will see her again, to get closer and deeper, and keep learning from beautiful Alexandra.


Oct 20th, 2021

Alexandra is a unique Dakini, she is super sweet, kind, intelligent and beautiful. She is a great listener and was attentive to my concerns and expectations from our session. I feel that we had an intuitive and instant connection, so much that time seems to fly during our sessions. Her massages are always great and refreshing.


Oct 12th, 2021

Well I was swept off my feet from the start. Alexandra is a funny caring wise person who took excellent care of me. I couldn't have asked for anything more, thanks you so much for your loving kindness it is much appreciated.


Sep 24th, 2021


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