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I was born with a wild bohemian soul to enjoy my life every moment. My biggest passion is learning about ancient cultures, art, traditional medicine and philosophy around the world.

My big transformation started in 2010 when receiving mamá aya medicine and since that my life was never the same. Right after, I decided to go to India for 4 years to study meditation, holistic healing, body work and ayurveda. I then assisted and learned under an ayahuasca shaman and alchemist in Hawaii. The last 5 years I’ve been discovering the beauty and wisdom of Central and South America were I have done several ceremonies and workshops.  Tantra has been part of my life since India, but professionally I have been practicing for the last 2 years, and deepened my knowledge last year with my training with The International School of Temple Arts (ISTA.)

You can feel I truly love my work. You will be in the centre of my attention and I am going to cherish you with loving touch with my whole body. It is great way to relax, and treat yourself with what you deserve. If you want to feel alive and ecstatic, I am here for you.

Alenka Asha

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I had few sessions with different therapists and twice with Alenka. No doubt in my mind Alenka is the best. Her attention will be 100% on me once session started and there is no rush at all during the process. Staying with her was a total bliss and I will keep returning to her for more session.


Oct 2nd, 2020

Getting a massage from a Alenka was indulging in a extravagant feast of touch for me. She was extremely present to my many varied desires for receiving touch throughout our time together. Alenka is an exquisite, intuitive masseuse in which it is best to completely surrender to her virtuosic ministrations. I just let go the entire time and let her do her magic. Oh was it a magical Journey! Or was it a dream? This was my first time seeing her. Yet it seemed easy for her to read me like a book and then with virtuosity play me like a violin. She has a diverse modality of massage techniques that go from feather light to strong deep tissue with pressure. At various times my body experienced her massaging, surfing, skiing, dancing, even drawing a topographical muscle map along , across, and through my body. She has mad massage skills as well as a creative improvisational ease in which to delight and relax you in innumerable ways.


Jul 1st, 2020

Alenka is my favorite therapist of all time. From the moment I walked in the door she was present and ready for a deep connection. She is very skilled in her craft, loves her practice and it shows. Her naturally striking beauty, graceful manor and movement are mesmerizing. A true gift to the Temple and anyone who gets the opportunity to encounter this lovely soul. I can't wait to see her again!


Jun 9th, 2020



Jun 8th, 2020

Alenka is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. Just wow! 10/10! Her presence is pure love, and acceptance. You will get lost in her gaze. Her touch is a mix between light tenderness, firm movement of energy, envelopment of love, and divine goddess. She is clearly a seasoned practitioner of tantric principles, shamanic studies, and bodywork. I hope you have the opportunity to work with her, as you will be leaving in an epic bliss state. I love you Alenka! Thank you for being such a profound healer.

*Uma Jen*

May 22nd, 2020

I had a doubles session with Uma Jen and Alenka Asha, and it was by far my best temple experience! The two of them worked amazingly well together, and the session was soothing, relaxing, and a LOT of fun! I would love to see the two of them together again. Alenka herself is a fantastic addition to the Temple team, and I look forward to seeing her again very soon!


May 18th, 2020

This review is for my doubles with Alenka and Uma. They both are so amazing and fun. If you ever get a chance to book a doubles with them, don't pass it up. They have great every together. Unforgettable experience.


May 18th, 2020

Alenka is the new all time favorite! She has set the bar high for the temple. She is well traveled and is quite knowledgeable. She is beautiful and sensual. I walked away with nothing but smiles from my session and cannot wait to be back.


May 18th, 2020


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