Ajaya Flor

Level I Tantrika

Pronounced “Ah-jhey-ah”, my name means “Invincible Flower”

Ajaya Flor

Ajaya Flor

I want you to feel and love every single, delicious cell of your body. Let me pull from your shoulders the weight of your world, unraveling the worrisome coils of these many yesterdays and tomorrows you've wrapped round your bones that you might find yourself renewed in this luscious now.

Melt in the solace of my knowing touch, from the caress of each strong and delicate finger to the embrace of my devoted eyes. Let my breath guide you and together we will inhale light into every dark corner of your body, exhaling all that does not serve you.

My invitation for you is a re-discovery of the your true nature, where ultimate awakening is experienced in every cell of your body. The Tantric path; I believe, is simply a way of being in tune with our own instinct, and natural rhythms of all that is. When we shed the layers and are left to move and feel into the core of our being, this leads to the awakening to our inner divinity.


Reiki Master and Yoga practitioner

Tantra Mantra Yantra workshop with Queen Love 2022

Temple of Bliss Dakini experience

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Ajaya FlorAjaya Flor

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Ajaya is magical. She establishes a deep connection with you, and her energy flows powerfully through her hands. She's even more beautiful in person, and keeps in incredible shape. Absolute goddess.

Je** s*v

Sep 20th, 2022

So beautiful and such a great smile, was incredibly relaxing I melted away…


Sep 7th, 2022

A gifted healer with a gentle touch. She stays so present and centered with her breath and she will help you go inward.
A magical session.


Jun 8th, 2022

Wow my experience with Ajaya was amazing. She has a pure heart, and a healers touch. Being new to this, and a little nervous she put me at ease. She is so intuitive, and radiates love. I can't wait to she her again.


May 22nd, 2022

This afternoon I had the great please of practicing with Ajaya Flor. Being new to the temple, Ajaya made me feel right at home within seconds of meeting her. Smiling with her almond eyes, she softly took my hand, and led me down a flowered path of bliss, harmony and love. I've never quite felt anything like it before. Ajaya was able to helo me release tensions and emotional baggage that I had no use for anymore. She was patient, ever so present, and kind. Together, we worked on our breathing until we seemed to breath as one. Within her hands, I felt my consciousness open and I was able to explore areas of myself that I had yet to discover. And now... many hours later, I still feel as if I'm there, with her. Breathing together... as one.


May 1st, 2022

Ajaya’s energy is calming and relaxing, she knows how to make you feel at home , she even more Beautiful in person , her smile and laughter blessed me with Joy , can’t wait to see her again !


Apr 15th, 2022

What a great session with Ajaya Fior!!!!!! I have been a long time Temple Worshiper and she was so positive, kind and a true expert dakini! I can’t wait for the next session.


Mar 30th, 2022

I was her first client (in a doubles with Tiffany). She is absolutely beautiful and has a great smile. Even though she was new, she took direction well from Tiffany, and provided seamless transitions while moving around the table. I can hardly wait until she is on her own so as to have an extended session with her.


Mar 14th, 2022

Ajaya FlorAjaya Flor

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