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Aja Stone

I’m a massage therapist, sacred touch healer, and true empath. 

These are gifts bestowed upon to me from a young age as I always enjoyed connecting to mother nature, animal friends, and harvesting summer gardens. Nothing beats the joy that the sun can bring.

I am delighted to share sacred channeling and the experience of love, laughter, and life to all I come across. I believe we all have the capacity to enter a new consciousness that can take us deeper than we have ever been before and this is where true healing can happen. I believe that knowing what we desire and want in life will guide us to health and happiness. It is my pleasure to mind dance, and do soul enriching work to bring a sense of enlightenment to both of us.

As a sacred healer, I help you move freely in your own body and through life.  

I’m looking forward to our time together. 


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