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Queen Love ~ Shivakti Shaktiva is the creator of Shivakti Tantra Yoga, a Certified Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Love Coach, an ordained minister with a Doctor of Divinity & a facilitator of Shamanic journey/healing circles. She has initiated & counseled countless dakinis, friends & clients over the years into embodying Holy Love, understanding their innate divine abilities & to owning their offerings in the World as a Truly Gifted Treasure.

SHAKTIVASPRING0443Shivakti has trained in the Sacred Temple Arts for the past 28+ years, though her related research & personal awakenings date considerably further back. Her studies/practices have interwoven shamanism, world philosophies/religions, yoga, bodywork & tantra. Her intention is to assist others in awakening to their divine magic, birthright & power, to facilitate kundalini activation & soul-remembrance of Cosmic Union, "Beloved Holy Love."

With over 2000 hours in Shamanic Journey Meditation/Facilitation, a BA in Philosophy & Communication, she is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher with the National Yoga Alliance, has 1500+ hours as a Certified Massage Therapist, and is the creator of Shamanic Temple Bodywork™ & Shamanic Temple Yoga™, as well as the Founder & creator of Shivakti Tantra Yoga & The Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga. She guides individuals, couples & groups on their paths toward Truth, Divine Love, Shamanic Tantric Awakening, and the realization and fulfillment of each person's authentic soul purpose.

Shivakti has appeared on television and at conferences as an authority in the field of tantra, yoga, spirituality & health. She is currently working toward bringing others together for a collaborative book project, called "HOLY LOVE." To take part in the Holy Love Project, and to learn about on-going Sacred Councils, go to:

To connect & inquire about upcoming workshops, schedule a private educational/transformational group experience, or about dakini intitiations & trainings, send a personal email to: [email protected]

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"Namaste, I want to once again express my deepest gratitude for your SHAKTIVASPRING0445guidance to a beautiful far away space of such spiritual enlightenment. You have indeed drawn upon the vast pallet of metaphysical consciousness from the ancient world to compose a beautiful new world ritual that magically unifies all elements of it's diverse origins. Through your enlightened presence and creative improvisations at each sacred enactment... this beautiful ritual appears to evolve and lyrically transition through so many memorable experiential phases. You certainly have opened the door a to a magical world beyond. I would be so deeply honored to be invited to explore further...." :RA

"Brand new to Tantra, I eagerly followed the directions to her Temple of Bliss. By normal external visual standards, her beauty challenges artistic imagination while her demeanor is peaceful and calming. Temple of Bliss is an apt description of the magnificent art, colors, scents and candles that prior to even starting created a powerful energy vibrational music that seemed as an alternate consciousness directing my mind.

Words are nearly useless to describe the actual experience of deep gazing and breathing that felt more real than mere physical intimacy. Massage that sent energy messages through my nervous system, chanting divine music that filled me, the room, and the cosmos, a humming vibration directed into the base of my spine that traversed its entire length up to my head, hot smooth rocks like cups of lava melting into my body, her body transferring energy in to mine and her oiled hands transmitting magical joy to so many pleasure centers.

But her words, chanted and spoken, awakened unknown feelings and connections culminated in a spontaneous release of emotional tears. I am a new devotee..." : Namaste, Max V   


"Queen Love leads us in engaging with the immediate urgency of being alive. Her Tigress gait leads us thru the jungles of sensual abundance, by a masterful prowess to hunt for love in all of its glitter and fur, to jump and bite thru into the tender fire source of juice and joy. Again & again, leading thru the ancient gateways of the eternal lesson: to hunt and ravish our hearts desire until we have finally found our greatest belonging - ourselves, lying naked and delicately alive on the fertile ground of truth." Michael G