Petra Parvati

New experienced dakini joins us

Petra Parvati

Enter the arms of Compassion

Hello! My name is Petra Parvati and I am a Tantric Dakini who has been working in the Bay Area for the past 3 years and will moving to LA In July.

I am a fierce and powerful woman that has a deep passion for expressing and elevating the divine feminine in all that I do. Outside of dakini work, I am a dancer and instructor. I teach classes in the bay area. My whole life and classes represent female empowerment and creating community to reflect the strength within our unity. I love the power that embodiment thru movement possesses - and I love to teach men and women, through instruction and example how to use that power to become a powerful, confident, and affirmed individual.

I am deeply invested in my family and friends community and feed a lot of energy into watering the connections with the people I love. I like to practice care for the earth and others on my day to day and try my best to take care of my self by retreating into nature or surround myself with music whenever I have a chance.

I do have hands on experience and know that as my time has continued down this line of work, I have become more empowered and skilled with the love, work, and healing that I provide.

I graduated with a degree in philosophy and religion and continue to study and stay curious about the nature of this reality and the experience of our existence. I am deeply spiritual and believe that everything I do and the way I step into my life comes from a center of love and deep trust in the divine order.

It has taken years and many lessons to achieve my current state of divine compassionate embodiment and it is one of my qualities and traits as a human that I do not take lightly. I am committed to being the best version of my self so that I may show up well for the collective experience for all.

I am in Service to bringing out the Best, Brightest, Blessed & most joyful version of YOU.

Petra Parvati

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Petra Parvati

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