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Leela Sage

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Leela Sage

“Love is the very essence of the Divine in you, and it sees the Divine in others.”

We all want to be truly seen, felt, acknowledged, understood, loved. I channel Divine through art, dance, and movement. My devotion to my truth allows me to facilitate healing and transmutation in a loving, playful, uniquely creative style.

I welcome you with open arms, and an open heart. Surrender with me on a transformative journey within as we explore spiritual, sensory awakening through guided meditation, gentle touch, and genuine, present connectedness.

In radiant love,

Leela Sage

Leela SageLeela Sage

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Leela Sage06-06-2018*NinTu*10

Unsolicited reviews are not my modus operandi but I feel obliged to share my perception of Leela.
In today's chaotic world, it is rare to meet a real woman. Particularly in LA where we have become blasé about beauty (it's Hollywood after all), we expect health and fitness, everybody has a teacher or a guru and most connections are made electronically. Meeting Leela was breath of fresh air; honest, open, present and vibrant. Akin to discovering the feminine is its purest form, like...
... like if unicorns and puppies slept on your pillow after bathing in compliments, marshmallow, and laughter.
Way to go Leela and thank you for sharing!

Leela Sage05-09-2018*Smd*8

Leela is more beautiful than her photos and she is the embodiment of pure love and the divine. She took great care to make me feel welcome and secure. I hope to see her again so I can feel positive energy and look into those loving eyes.

Leela Sage04-15-2018*Go*10

Leela has lived up to the Temple's standards. She is loving and caring. Will enjoy seeing her again soon.

Leela Sage04-12-2018*JorM*10

Had an amazing session with Leela! Saw her before a potentially high-stress meeting and went in feeling like a million bucks. Highly recommend.

Leela Sage04-08-2018*Sumti*10

Wonderful experience. Best way I can describe it is she amplified my state thru her intuitive understanding and connectedness. Thank you so much!

Leela Sage04-06-2018*CedWo*10

Leela is a beautiful goddess full of love and compassion. Her magical touch took me away from this world, and she gave me a quick glimpse of Nirvana. I would love to go back to the temple and see her again and again.

Leela Sage

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