Ashley Amor

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Ashley Amor

I am here to honor myself and others and to live in joy and abundance, loving, healthy and nourishing.

Ashley Amor


I am Ashley.

I invite you to allow me to bring you on a journey into pleasure, euphoria, and bliss.  I will awaken your senses with rapture and adoration, while creating a space for personal reflection, healing, and enlightenment.

Together we will delve into the great mysteries of the mind, body, and spirit and emerge in Source.

My touch is loving and intuitive. My heart is wide open and sincere. My intention is to serve your highest being.

As a performance artist / dancer, I invite you in to the dance of yin & yang… soft and feminine with bold awareness… love & light! Xoxo

I have worked as a licensed cosmetologist in a salon spa environment.

I've also received my certification for Reiki levels I & II.

I love caring for people and making them feel their best.

Recently I had a "somatic repatterining" therapy session which led me to the Temple of Bliss

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Ashley Amor06-28-2018*Ch*10

I was lucky enough to do a double with Ashley and Jaya and it was nothing short of divine. Amazingly in tune with me, my body and my energy, Ashley & Jaya are both wonderfully skilled and it was a pleasure to be in their presence from start to finish. I highly recommend Ashley for her grace, beauty and ability and look forward to another session with her one on one as soon as possible.

Ashley Amor

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