Phoenix Rose

Phoenix Rose

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Phoenix Rose

I offer my healing touch with great desire to bring forth awakening of the heart, body mind and spirit. Our session is an opportunity to let go and drop into pure ecstatic love.

Together, as we harmonize our energy and breathe, we journey on an exploration into tidal waves of bliss song, immersing our senses within a realm of sweet and enveloping pleasure.

Open hearted and profoundly sensual, it is my intention to dive into the depths of your body’s Universe and shine radiant light into the whole of your being.

I bring forth my experience in tantra, bodywork, energy healing, yoga and sound vibration as a means to deepen our connection and offer you a space to fully receive.

I am highly experienced with couples tantric exploration, and welcome females (individually or in partnership) to embrace their full erotic joy.

I welcome mature, positive, respectful clientele who have open hearts and are ready to receive. Learn and breathe ;)

I am elated to share the space of passion, nurturing and relaxation with you as the touch of the Divine Goddess flows through my fingertips.

In Love and Light,

Phoenix Rose

Additionally To the Temple’s Tantra session, I also Offer TANTRIC TIE & TEASE:

Focusing on your tactile satisfaction, using a unique combination of ancient esoteric techniques, tantric tie and tease combines a tantalizing sequence of extraordinary touches, enticing all of the senses. Expertly controlling your deepest state of blissful relaxation, Tantric Tie and Tease provides a multi-dimensional experience designed to expand your sensory boundaries. Lightly blind-folded, soft tools and pure sensuality are used in a blissfully and lightly bound most elegant & soft way. Be prepared to go on a journey of pure enchantment led by your goddess .

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Phoenix RosePhoenix Rose

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Review/ Testimonial Date Therapist Reviewer or *Temple Client Looks Service Comments and Testimonials
04-05-2014 Phoenix Rose *DV* 10 10

Phoenix is a pure goddess, full of healing energy. My time there was unforgettable.

01-30-2014 Phoenix Rose *Mx*

She is an Angel. A true provider.

09-13-2013 *Michael* 10 10

Phoenix is infused with an inner glow and vitality that’s palpable. Her glowing eyes entranced me. It’s not easy for me to let go, but I quickly found myself breathing with Phoenix, getting in-tuned to her heavenly vibrations. It’s been three days since our session and I am still feeling the after effects. I can’t wait to see her again!

08-20-2013 Phoenix Rose *z* 10 10

Phoenix is beautiful, communicative, and amazingly sensual. Her light touch was able to smooth away deep tension I’ve felt for years. Can’t wait to try a tantric session!

08-01-2013 Phoenix Rose *OM* 10 10

She is a such a beautiful soul engaging in the highest form of her art. Phoenix combines ancient wisdom with incredible energy that transforms you and leaves you feeling changed. One of the coolest people I have ever met. I look forward to travelling these paths further with her.

05-17-2013 Phoenix Rose *Peter* 9 10

Incredible session. Everything was on point and very comfortable. This was a harmonious awakening and an experience I will soon look to repeat. Totally recommend this.

02-16-2013 Phoenix Rose *Rick* 10 10

A simple massage became a true series of teachings which have helped me in my personal life. Great relaxing massage, and a beautiful woman.

01-29-2013 Phoenix Rose *Fong* 10 10

I am still feeling the afterglow from my afternoon with this tantric angel. She is funny, spiritual, in touch with her body, and was a joy to spend time with. Who knew that goddesses lived on Venice Beach.

01-23-2013 Phoenix Rose *C.Dom* 9 9

Phoenix is a very lovely lady both physically and spiritually. Even though young, she has the patience and presence of a very experienced practitioner. She has an intuitive touch and well versed in the Tantric practices. The time spent with her left me refreshed, relaxed and energized. I recommend her very highly. I only wish she is not so far from where I live. I will definitely see her whenever I’m in SoCal.

01-23-2013 Phoenix Rose *Neo-P* 10 10

Wonderful listener and guide. Answered all my concerns and taught me much to practice to continue this relationship. Spent a full two hours initiating me.

07-16-2012 Phoenix Rose AlexMx 10 10

Just a beautiful, beautiful woman, great, sublime, profound touch…..truly a goddess ……… I shal come back to LA just to feel her warmth again.

11-19-2011 Phoenix Rose Cloudrider 9.5 9

Stunning beauty, model material. Good experience overall.

Phoenix Rose

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