Lily Love

All Time Favorite Returns to Bay Area!

Lily Love

“There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable.” -Mark Twain

Lily Love

Greetings Sacred Ones,

Let us come together to witness the blessing of this body, this age, this moment.
We are gifted with these senses through which we can experience the divine recreated in a thousand formless forms. I offer myself as a guide to you on the sacred journey we will share, allowing the mundane everyday world to dissolve, and opening to the molten inner core of your being, your creative, sensual energy.

I am a CMT, intuitive and shamanic healer, and flexible Yogini. I practice a variety of movement and martial arts, and am very passionate about my spiritual and physical practices. I am also an angelic singing bird, and love to include toning and songs into my sessions.

I bring to bear fully my deep heart energy, with a clear intention to be in and of service to the divine in each of you.  I have been acquainted with sacred intimacy practices for many years, and have cultivated a beautiful private practice of my own for the past 2 years. I am honored to share the fruits of my experience while maintaining a fertile “beginner’s mind”, as I am always looking for new ways to grow through my experience.

Our experience together will be light and fun, deep and connected, as I bring you from deep relaxation into blissful excitement, over and over again. Come for laughter, smiles and fun. Meow :)

Many blessings,
Lily Love

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Review/ Testimonial Date Therapist Reviewer or *Temple Client Looks Service Comments and Testimonials
11-18-2014 Lily Love *Jki* 10 10

Her looks are heavenly… Her movement is fluid… Her voice is that of an Angel. Her hands…. Pure magic. She makes you feel welcome and brought my soul and inner energy to complete peace. She wraps you in her warm blanket of serenity and all your worries dissapear. I would HIGHLY recommend her healing services to ANYONE out there. Everyone deserves to touch heaven at least once in their lives. This is your chance. Lily Love is pure bliss

01-19-2014 Lily Love Chip 10 10

At the intersection of smart, sexy and sassy, Lily sets a sensual experience without peer. Her mix of tantra and spice is a healthy and intriguing physical package that will set you free. FInd your way to this special woman and you will find your self speaking in tongues.

01-16-2014 Lily Love *joelcho* 10 10

A truly gifted healer, and more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. She has a loving touch that is both calming and energizing. I left feeling so renewed. Her eyes melted my heart. She is amazing!

10-21-2013 Lily Love *AlB* 10 10

Most relaxing body rub with her ever in my life. Definitely repeat.

10-14-2013 Lily Love *justj* 10 10

All around beautiful woman. Provides an unforgettable touch, very compassionate, healing, and created a spiritual experience that makes me want to come back for more.

09-27-2013 Lily Love *RichS* 10 10

Lily must be the Temple’s best kept secret, she is unbelievable, to see her pictures online is one thing to see her in person is just incredible, what a beautiful women, beyond a 10, loved every minute of our time together, honestly words cannot describe how good she is, thank you Lily

07-31-2013 Lily Love *AdrwP* 8 9

I had a great time with Lily , such a gifted healer. Lily took all the stress off my body with her touch

07-07-2013 Lily Love *BrBlu* 8 9

Great sensual and satisfying session with Lily. I would highly recommend!

06-19-2012 Lily Love Bondade 9.5 10

Full body massage with heart and body…

03-28-2012 Lily Love RB_hobby_player 9 10

A great and unbelievable massage. She took me places that no one has before… and left me basking in a bright with light of total bliss.

01-18-2012 EroticBliss billctlr 8.5 8.5

Nice early afternoon session.

01-18-2012 EroticBliss md1964 9 9

Great Experience from sext, sweet provider .. will repeat

01-06-2012 EroticBliss glowrain 8 9

Wonderful, sensuous, intuitive woman who provides a very nice session.

12-24-2011 EroticBliss sexyaki36 9 9.5

Great Languid Time

12-18-2011 EroticBliss cousineerie 9 9

Best of both worlds – real massage and a very skilled release

11-02-2011 EroticBliss Who9987 9 10

Wonderful time with beautiful and energetic woman

09-11-2011 EroticBliss khoja5 10 10

Once you see her you won’t go anywhere else. Mind blowing fantastic!

08-30-2011 EroticBliss musashi 8.5 9

Wonderful provider. Great FBSM experience

07-25-2011 EroticBliss wormhole_chicken 8.5 7.5

Had a great time with a great provider

07-23-2011 EroticBliss ebear8 9.5 10

an absolute treasure

07-22-2011 EroticBliss ascending 8 8.5

Nice time with a natural beauty

07-06-2011 EroticBliss deepbuesea 8.5 10

She has a gift and it comes with a curse (impossible to schedule) YMMV

06-28-2011 EroticBliss dc101 8.5 9

Young, fresh, earthy

06-15-2011 EroticBliss bradfordsglass 8.5 8.5

wonderful girl and a wonderful service. i can’t say enough good things about her. i can’t wait to go back!

06-05-2011 EroticBliss jmarshmallow 9 8

Nice but impossible to schedule

05-29-2011 EroticBliss figaro1972 8 8.5

Honest to God CMT with nefarious intentions in space

05-19-2011 EroticBliss Lowell 8 7.5

Hared to set up session, but good when you finally get there

04-20-2011 EroticBliss dmark1000 10 10

Well worth the long wait!

04-18-2011 EroticBliss g_blansten 9.5 9

Bliss indeed

04-10-2011 EroticBliss logan393 9 10

One of the best out there. Beautiful, sexy and sensual.

03-10-2011 EroticBliss ModernYogi 9.5 10

The best FBSM

03-04-2011 EroticBliss figaro1972 8 10

Worth the 200 most charge but she doesn’!

11-17-2010 EroticBliss mrgreengenes 8.5 9

Freeing the stuck places

11-03-2010 EroticBliss paul0959 8.5 10

A pleasure

10-12-2010 EroticBliss batos 9.5 9.5

Ann is a beautiful and intelligent young lady!

10-10-2010 EroticBliss hkmitsui 9.5 10

Best FBSM that I would love to keep hidden

09-30-2010 Ann Bliss circusjunky 9.5 10

she is a well kept secret

09-27-2010 Ann Bliss guitres69 10 10

Best kept secret for FBSM

09-16-2010 Ann Bliss mddxoxo 7.5 8

Worth the price of admission

06-25-2010 Ann Bliss musahi 8.5 9

Fantastic time. She really gets FBSM

06-11-2010 Ann Bliss deepbluesea 8.5 9.5

Won’t be a secret for long, she is smart, sexy, and sensual

05-11-2010 Ann Bliss pantiesformen 9 9

A sexy nymph. She’s like a Spring Breeze on a 100 degree day.

Lily LoveLily Love

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