February, 2010

“Lori is an extraordinary person who blends her goddess presence with joy and total dedication to her craft. Deep blissful connection!”

January 29, 2010

“First, let me say that I think you are an extremely gifted soul, fun, sexy, healing, curious - a flat out genius of shakti. I am aware of all the training, hard work, self-exploration, and courageous honesty that goes into purifying a vessel for that level of wakefulness and sensitivity. Very heartening to meet women such as yourself - and comforting that the lineage of Dakini wisdom is still manifesting in this time and place.

And thanks be to God (and Goddess) that I am lucky enough to stumble into your current manifestation.

And what a manifestation you have. You are hot and sexy and cute and fun. You confronted me with the excruciating dilemmas of wanting to grab your succulent a** while at the same time evaporating into the squalls of shatki cascading up your neck. Love it when I am solid and empty at the same time. Love it even more when sharing that experience with an oil-soaked Goddess dancing around my body, defying gravity, appearing just where I longed to be touched most. (Noticing an increase in breath rate and perspiration as I write this.)

I was profoundly touched by our session on many levels. I look forward to seeing you when I am back in town. Hope you don’t retire anytime soon. IF you do, train some of your peers before you go…the world need more of your soul species.

With Respect and Affection.”

December 20, 2009

“She welcomed me with a huge smile. A very intelligent, caring, and detail orientated service provider, she took her time, with light finger-tip caressing that drove me wild. Definitely she was into it...breathing got deeper... Best I ever had.”

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